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Feel Free you Singer Lovers  to use poems to add to your own music, respectfully adding my name to my works in usage.

Many un-edited words I have .. That doesn't worry me . I will get to them eventually .. If U come across the same poem or Lyric or Rhyme or BLURB ..  maybe I need a brain check!! or maybe there is a message in it  ..I will get to it one day - There are songs in many of the long winded BLURB!! Please do not take pieces of my poems without asking for permission and please contact me to confirm your usage of any poem so I can keep names of who is using my works.

 This is just a base Source for  my own Healing - or venting OR Understanding giving .. knowing- Not Knowing Dribbling etc .. good-bad-ugly and whatever else it assists with  and all the works where some of u or any of U read and don't Understand what the words mean .. It's all o.k Tricky ... We only take in what's good for us as individuals. and sometimes I don't even know what I have written!

If any of my poems  help all but ONE Person ..  This has worked for Me... Some of it's absolute Crap but I leave it anyway - that's Life :)

Please Sign The Guest Book !!!  It's just My Life experience  of poems and or fantasy - Mostly kickin' my Own Butt or living in imagination land :)..   In Any Case even if you don't find anything  you resonate with too much,  I hope you still enjoy some of the catchy Blurb. BTW .. It's Time we All Find ways to learn from Our Differences don't u Think ?  ---YEAH!! I know .. we r all  so picky  :) ,,,,,,,,,,,, All my best works  here will eventually be published in books, so I would like to keep file of who has used my works, so don't forget to email for confirmation prior to usage.


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Working our mojo

working to ignite

reaching for a better life

so we can share our light


trying to 'take over'

oh not a good look

if it's done to another

for a greedy hook


'Total Take Over'

comes as a whole

there is no baiting

there is no control


community creating

our business our lives

helping four under

as above gives advice


tools and leads 

help form creative needs

coaching our efforts

so we can plant better seeds


What effort we put in

determines a life we draw out

so if we sit and wait for others

we'll be stagnant no doubt


and when we are flying

to heights of our memes

it will be ...


Total Take Over

the core to further our dreams


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YOSHIKO McFarland*

A Very Dedicated  Soul and Human Being  to   create   -----------------  * EARTH LANGUAGE* EL ----------- UNIVERSAL Language for All Cultures to  Come Together In a Unique Way Of Learning & Sharing -- 

Yoshiko's haikuist name is "hoo," and here is an example of her EL haiga:

(originally published @World  Haiku Asociation website in August 2008)
EL symbols and body signs work for natural healing very well too:




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It's a Two Way Street when it comes to Earning Respect .......

But That Doesn't Stop us from respecting The growth of Others anyway :D

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