I have My Language
U have Ur Language
We have Our Language
They Have Their Language

In This Language Of Many
There Is The Universal Language
Universal Language Of Compassion
Universal Language Of Understanding

The Universal Language
Can Hear All The Languages
In Feel In See In Tapping Listening
This In Time Will Earn Respect
Changing Other's Understanding
As Other's Feel Us Listening at Heart

Tapping Into The Spirit Soul
Tapping Into That Part
We Need to Stay Open

Many Cultures
Many Peoples
Many Minds
Many Emotions
ALL Want the Same

To Be Heard
To Be Respected
No Matter if Sounds Words
Sound Dissconnected
They Will Come Around
As They Feel Respect
In being Heard ...
Their Hearts Will Grow

There Will Always Be Room for All
Many Listening to A Speaker
If It is from The Heart Giving
And Listeners Hearts Yearning
Can Only In Good Time
Bring About New Beginnings

For a Human being That Screams
Screams in a Moment Of Explosive Truths
Will In Turn Grow From Any Release
Move Many Thru Healing
As They Follow
Just Like Our Youth

For Allowing This Freedom
Will Allow Spokes People to See
They Are Worth The Listening
And Will Transform From This Release

Language ...
What an Amazing Communication
As We All Allow Each Other's Ways
Thru Our Ongoing Transformations

Thanks Be to Us All
Seeing to the Universal Core
Of Our Different Singing Tunes

of ...


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