a moving image holds like a still
each move a discipline to be reckoned
a shoot to fame or a half way house of rules
the guide of non feable eye tweeks fractal light

a sneeze on the inner transforms a wave untapped
mesmerizing the shooter's moment gone
a rewind in the mind of doubt takes a forward bow
removing any wasted processing forlorn

tension pulsates pores secrete a given no
the lense of many faces watching for the unborn
slipped in patterns the mind pushes a green go
this could be the moment of precious dawn

shades on shades start speaking out
bones give a slight crunch on the long road
hair shape shifting all the lonely while
a treat becomes a hidden heavy load

bursting to be seen the good in looking
barriers potentially become new doors
was not what one thought inside this booking
intrinsicly the

camera wants more



Damn I gotta head bang
Its hittin hard my heart
doing ma best to keep low
I guess that's a start

gotta find a steam train
smash open those doors
find me the key to make things right
coz ah need it for sure

like a head needs no holes
I still gotta head bang
gonna take me a stroll
down memory lane
coz ah feel like I've
gone insane

throw me the chord of love
n' I'll swing my way home
I'm on the beat to making life
all on my own yeah on my own

life lines from my friends
ahh still got me my friends
friends tell me I got it made
yeah I know there ain't no end

like a head needs no holes
I still gotta head bang
n' It's banging on hard
n' I can still bend
thank god for my friends
But Damn I gotta head bang



Never did I ever think I'd
ever meet a lad like
you running in the same old blues
hidden ones like my old time news

never did I ever dream I'd
ever get outta my head
memories that seemed so dead
pointless sometimes showing through you

will we ever unleash the chains around our feet
the ones passed down through generations
sometimes we have to face
sometimes a damn disgrace

some good some bad some out of reach
what's your recommendation do you see
answers in contemplation
the right to compensation
relief with good sensations
authenticity at it's best
a heart that can rest

when you reach satisfaction
can put the heart ache to sleep
remember others admire your action
taken to resolve
your story be told

the hidden truths ...
the gutsy you
that wants justice

your  ...

Blues in you


There is a sense
one has gotta life line
the source said to be
run rampant run free
there is a sense
one has a long time line of life
a long time enfolding energy
loves even wild sidetracks
there are glimpses pieces missing
intent of words like doorways to inside
one can do anything when in the
background something's always willing
there is a hunch
one loves crazily to unleash
make love not war
this might be one's middle joy
one knows the trips
emotion kept for landing
a pad ancient dog is standing
one that never left
a safety latch to create within
absorb mental stimuli
wander spirit connect
physically explore
all with emotions
kept in check mate
til something wipes
check board
then where is pad for landing
heart risk is always raw
when psyche lines
change colors
and realization is
one has been trialling
never really leaving nest
making pad cushy
yet spreading senses flying
'coz one made one's ...
Pad Cushy


Fish talk crunching oval mouthed highs
through the looking glass half opened eyes
communication sound barrier echoes
fast like stillness prompting lock on hellos
vast of latest or past boom like blasts
so easy spoken no spells no casts
wandering mindsets unleash with boosts
honesty not always best kind of juice
best be dollops of creamy scenes
best be living' wild child dreams
best be best to be all one knows
message of body designs new blows
subtle working beyond the veil
bustle yawns in hustle sails
racing liquor red white sprays
this is a treat to learn new ways
fish stare blinks turn eagle eyed
watching moves expressions fly
vultures waiting leaps for wear
no ruffling feathers in the air
paws of cat like friendly baits
try catch fish eyes from envious mates
caught before still let go wake
this fish eyed eagle
sails ...
winded waves of fate


Tense signals pop sound peeks
a dreary dull mind ignores
as a dreary dull mind pops angst
this dreary dull mind applauds

Hence a spill over time kill
incoming waves not allowed
inauthentic inner voice revolts
a smile relief devours

Is this wicked animal an eye sees?
has this side always been a dark dweeb?
oh the loathing the thought to surcumb
the danger in being half numb

One strand of strength drags half empty
another superseding half full
the source binds it all as one
sit down load a perception on a stool

Must be a good war within
speaking one too many to many
defeat of ignorance is plenty
a fool at best can't sieze

At worst a muddy thought
shrinks the cusp of rising cells
gone is cellular blossoming
those shattering dangerous bells

Hence ...

Dangerous signals woo tense
peek the pops of sound
thank God this dull mind at hand
transforms these

Dangers abound



Can't stop the mind chatter
only flicks the flow amyst
spinning magnetic caller
I keep trying the spin
spin top source
mirroring where one is at
spinning stories stop total contact
stop the unity
Practice bring flow
playing with it it playing
it has it's own bounce like it's
toying with one's energy
like a transmitter
dialing into one's spirit
feeling for that channel
just a flash not quite
shows how in tune one is
with life source
spin top beamer
playing with heart mind spirit

spin top beamer ...
it dances



Spin top messenger manifesting being
weights in the mind spin it
forced inward thoughts want it
when let go it is seen
misfit thinking warps it
spin offs reign leaving the platform
mechanical repetition brings it on
unaware of first base

sensing it it slips in
hands become alive fast spiraling
brain reaction triggered to play

tight spins warm the connection
broadening slowness drops the feel
pulling through to base
blocks appear
repeats bring laughing focus
a new eye opener
a deeper seeing
energy grids
dimensions grow mind widens
new awareness growth thrives anticipation
instant first base replays
near hitting the spot
spot of it locks in
run offs of low exits apparent
doorways out for it to move off
sensing neg and pos
the honing the zoning
the rush of it being
the push and shove
the letting go
the being here
allowing it through
actualization reveals puppet master
kid on the new block

has ...

first dance


YUP !!!

~There's something great in taking life in through *weeny eyes* ~ we get to see our own big eyes, others big eyes and all the bits of us in between-then we get to look into our own little selves with wider view, seeing how truly connected we all really are ~



Fantasy struck the artist aloof his self
every stroke a game a voice serves
ney a servant to the brush
much an awe of creative serviced swerves

oh could this be more the art of manipulation
manouvring stories amidst surrealities formed
for one that needs a royal nod devoured
for one that needs a feed of color spawned

oh the fantasy of it all well internally kneaded
well chewed from one chapter to another
elaborated heart aches mashed into the palette
urges untouched expanded secrets carefully smothered

a language to be sure no one really knows
snippits of vivid basic knowledge abreast availabilty
a twist gone straight a line so bent it bends in spirals
a hard edge only seen by the strength of vulnerability

fantasy whips a licking as the tongue retreats
the nose wishes upon a smell as eyes leave optic measure
fingers dance the windowed lingo of observer comprehending
a neverending compremise as the viewer traces undertoes

the awe of it all in the monstrosity of beautified needs
the artist has strokes of little outside the shell
many of self grattified pats on shoulder within mind
a trillion light years all caught in one captured spell

a drop of sound waking like curtains begging to be drawn
touches the heart of an artist a surrealist at heart that is born
born of a mind that wanders beneathe the middle path
that gives the canvas crazy life so you miss the aftermath

aloof of self in all of us aloof look under your roof
there is sureal realities in many a different truth
take wonder in the form and shape an artist struck does give
and take a bow an artist knows to strike a light and live

the artist cast paint
the viewing onlooker colourfully basking
no outsiders infringe the moment

much reward in a two way street
where parties of said both
know the key to fantasy
is in being struck for growth