If One Knows One Is Following one's intuition
If One Flows with ease to the beat of own
This is an Inkling of Being on the right Road

If One is like on bottom rock
Yet still Dancing to The Pumping water within
This is an EyeFull of Attracting Good Connections

If One is slowly Building Foundation solid to be seated
Even if One has Not Walked yet
This is Proven Knowing One's Own Inner name

When all starts to Build Upwards
Slowly Creating New formations
Many will come to Smile be part of

When Whirl Winds of Glory start to take Place
All non Believers will start to Drop off or Follow
Many New Transformations Start to Surface

All Doors that were Hdden start to become Visible
For All Doors are there

It's Just Tapping into the Natural Flow within
Tapping into the Neverending Story Untold
Arriving to show us

All is as Planned on the Grand Scale of things
All Things are Connected
Nothing is a waste
Not even the thought


Being Stuck