It wasn't My Intention
To make You Widthdraw
The Day We met In Spirit
On The Front Porch

It Wasn't Like It was Eazy
To meet Open Solitude
Thru the Eyes ...
Of a Gentle Soul

I Just Wanted you To Feel Like you were right at Home
I Just want Everybody Jazzin' Blues around me
Not Feel All Alone

When You Finally plucked the Courage
To Call me on The phone
You Didn't Sound like u were With It
I Know You were being Bold

You Took another step you were Coming over
Coming Around to Suss My Mystical World
Maybe Play A Tune
Chit Chat Not much at All

I Just Wanted you To Feel Like you are at Home
I Just want Everybody Comfortable Around me
Not Feel All Alone

Was It really That Hard Connecting Ordinary Ways
Little Steps here n There no Worries we were Smilin'
I let Out Closet Colors Eventually You did Too
There was No Dividing ... ...

I Just Want you To Feel Like you're In Your Zone
Everybody Jazzin' Blues Around You
Not Feel All Alone
I Just Want you To Feel Like you're at Home
Everybody Jazzin' Blues U Feelin' GOOD
Not Feel All Alone


I know You just keep on Working
So You don't Stop and see the Cartoon Crazy
I know You just Keep on Creating
So You never have to come Down

If You start Falling You Might Just Laugh It off
Can You See the Cartoon You In The Night When All Lights Are off

You Cannot Run From You
You cannot Hide from T.V Eyes Everybody Sees
Magazines Reveal The Angel Behind the Air Brushed Teeze
It's the Beauty In You Can You See ...

Sex Drugs Rock n Roll Money Emotion MInd Can't Buy This
It's a Priceless You In Everybody The Genius Knows this Down Deap
Don't You Feel a Little Crazy Ain't it Funny This World Ain't It Funny

You Cannot Run From You
You cannot Hide from T.V Eyes Everybody Sees
Magazines Reveal Angel You Behind the Air Brushed Teeze
It's the Beauty In You Can You See ...

Ain't You Funny You Diamond Sweet
Ain't You Funny You Got Your Beat
Ain't You Just So Funny Cartoon Beauty
Cartoon Beauty I Love You

You Cannot Run From You
You cannot Hide from T.V Eyes Everybody Sees
Magazines Reveal Angel You Behind the Air Brushed Teeze
It's the Beauty In You Can You See ...
You Cannot Run From You
Magazines Reveal Angel You
Behind the Air Brushed Teeze
Cartoon Beauty Cartoon Beauty



Everything we think in the back of our head
Whether it be thoughts that have been sitting there
For year a month a week a day and hour in an instant
Will be picked up by someone else at the precise right time

Even an Animal that is born knows via inner
Knows on the Inner who he/she will be residing with
Even the Businessman that uses intuition
Knows when another Character is about to enter

What brings us together as Individuals or Collectively
What Causes another being to Enter Our Life
What HIts us between the Eyes Unexpenctantly
What brings Instant Change in Our Thought Patterns

OUR THOUGHTS .. We Attract what we put Out
Whether it Repulses leaning towards Impulsive Reactions
Whether we are Compulsively Drawn Towards with No Breaks
Whether we are So Attracted we Can't think in That Moment

All Is as Planned according to What We Put Out
This Brings thought Bubbles to POP
Right before Our Face In Front or slightly Sideways
Thought Bubbles Act As an Inner Awareness others are Listening

Do We Approach Our Thought Bubbles with Eager Openess
Do We Even Know that This is Happening
Do We Achieve What we Achieve Through Self Alone
NO NO No No No ... :)

Once We Tap This Thought Bubble World
Things we get Sent Via Our Connections
Will Give us messages as to where we are AT
What Character Within is Reigning Dominant

How Do We Know We Are On Right Path
How Do We peceive all That Comes Our Way
How do We Stop The control Within
That Is programmed ...

How We See Through To What We ARE Doing Right Now
Has Alot to do with The people that We Draw Into Our Life
Has Alot to do with the Decisions we make in Any Given Situation
Has Alot to do with Who Walks Straight Through Our Door

All Is Connected Like Grid Lines On a Computer Making up A Product
A Prototype a Face a Landscape a Building a Flower a Body
What Are You Doing Right Now In Your Life

Do You Know Your Law of Attractions
Within Without ... Connections



Are You used to meeting a Front
A Mask A Face That Suits The Night
Are You used to Getting What You Want
Using Ur Magical Mind

Are You used to Peeling back
Finding Cute Vanity Runs What Your Given
Have You Ever really had a Good Friend
That Likes U just for Ur Sloppy hang around Truth

Did You Ever Think You'd Meet
Someone at Their Worst
Who's Given Into Self Appealing Worth
Yet Thrives On Who's For Real

Are You Looking for company Without The Gloss
No ;) !!! But You Found It !! It Found You !!!

Is This to Show There's More To Superficial Traits
Bring Some Humble GUTS To You Show You it's Sad Your Baits

Has Life Been hard for You When U've Given All You've Got
Loving Someone That's Never really Seen Past to Ur Heart Spot

Will You Ever Show Yourself Get To the Masks You Play To All
The One That's Hurt Dismisses and Flirts Keeps Throwing same Old Balls

While Meeting Somone Down Living at One's Worst Who's REAL  ...
What Comes Surprising is there's No Disguise It's Just So You can learn
When One at One's Worst gets On One's feet becomes Revived Glossy Eyes
You've GOT ... A Good BUDDY !!!

And There's ...




No One Can Really Reach Us
No One Can Really Grab Us
It's all a game this Life
No One Can really Know us

We Can Enth Degree Anything
Share Depth How Deap We Swim
But at the end of the Day
In Self Is All Within

No One Can Really Know Everything Inside How we Tick
We Can Swing Left Right Round Spin Over Expand Thru One Prick
We Can Think We've Given of All Sides 'Til Another Mirror Arrives
Then All of a Sudden we Start Again See Thru Someone Else's Eyes

No One Really Knows All Secrets even to one's Self
We All Disguise Ignore Surprise unobtainable Wealth
New Seasons Always come new Cycles Subconsiously Planned out
Do We Listen hard to Inner Parts Puting Out Like Little Scouts

Scouts be Those Hidden Treasures Working Overtime In Head
Whilst Whistlin' Tunes In Everyday Life Thought Pradictably Spread
There's Always More going On Always More That meets The Eye
Nothing's what we Presume it is Unless Wer'e Stuck In Life

Stuck be Patterns worn Engraved By Other's Ways
Stuck Be Walking Same Routine walk yet Inside Tap that Maize
Stuck Be Never Following Intuitional Hidden Heights
Stuck be Only Stuck If One doesn't Listen to all Sides

When we Think We Know all sides That Show
An Unobtainable Piece will Appear

And ... SLAM !!!!

Wakey Wakey !!! Have Another GO !



Runnin' Rings around same old Babble Cycles
Cybor Flushes Bordom Creative Outlet Scenes
What's the Go In Business world
Have You Lost the sight To see

What Really makes the World Go Around
Creative Spin Box Success
It's Not Dribbling day In day Out
So Give Your Life The Best

Best be when You Know You've Emptied
Had Enough of Crazy Strife
Change Lanes In Your Head become
The Bussiness Head In Life

What's the Use of Circling
The same old Traps and Games
When You Could Use Your Talent
To Create a Business Train

Changing Trains at Pit Stop Posts
Will bring Into Your Life
Attraction of The Perfect Sorts
Connecting Business Lines

Must Be Time put Out Energies
Think along Lines of Fate
Staying Aware of who You come across
Who Show You Business Traits

Time Spent Spinning Outlet Lots
Of Work Worth Taking Flight
Will bring Success from Inside Out
And make ...



YOU ....... U Got me Baby
In Ur Pocket of Love
Come be My White Boy

Hey ... U r The Only One That Gets to Me
Gets inside with Ur Vibe
Come be My White Boy

I'm a Big Black Momma Stuck in a Puny White Body
Singin' My Soul To You UUUUUUUUUUU

U Got me Crazy
The Blues Girl form a Lifetime Ago
Has Broken Thru I'm Lettin' it Blow
But This Time I'm Puny n White ....

U Got me and It Ain't Maybe
Ur In My Pocket Of Love

HEY !!! Come be My White Boy
Come be My White Boy
Brave it With Me

Coz I'm a Big Black Momma Stuck in a Puny White Body
Singin' My Soul To You UUUUUUUUUUU
Come be My White Boy
Come be My White Boy
KISS These LIPS ...
Come be My White Boy



I'm Bored I'm Bored I'm Bored
Where The Fok's My Practical Head
I Threw iT Out The Door
Bring it back Whip That Crack
I Need a Sounding Board

Been In a Cave Diggin' Into Dirt
Come Push me Show me Heights
There's More in Me No Time to Waste
I'm Brighter than MY Heights

No Education from Ground Up
Never Listened Anyway
I took City Lights "SHUT UP !!"
I Know I'm On My Way

Been Spinning' Yarns n Weeding OUT
The Curious Mirroring Games Lead
What's next In Life I'm Sick of Sights
Of Extremes Inside this Head

Need Outside Throws The Basic Shows
Which Way I'm at an Orange Light
Come Green say Cheese Just Walk with me
Come Red Stop which Way Is Right

"Get a Load of THAT !!" I say
I'm Done Time to Make Some Waves
Time to Grow a Brain That Speaks
Get Smart get Off This Train



I Wanna Swim with the Swimmer
Swim Off the Jelly Cake
Swim Right beside and Follow Wide
The Swimmer's Gigantic Shake

I Wanna Tighten Up Lighten Up my Storm
Look Into Eyes a Dreamy Device
A Key Friend Inventive Dawn

I Wanna Vibe The Brain Insanity Swims In There
Swimmer so Fit Life Full Of Gliitery GLIT
Jatz Touched My Hidden Eyes Bizzare

JUU Jube Eyes Of Lollie POP Heat
I Love but Need to Swim
Hey Swimmer Jazz Jeeper
I Swim Much Deaper
I Ain't No Skanky Cheap

Those Swimming Tad Poles
I heard Them Swimming around
They Were On The Road to Nowhere
When They saw Me come Around

I Just Wanna Swim
The Swimmer Knows Something of me
Got Insight Wide Knows I do Hide
Revealng I Am Weak

JUU Jube Eyes Of Lollie POP Heat
I Know U can Swim but can U




I Feel a POP in my Womb ...
Like a Memory of Screams
A Tiny Faint Sissy
Like Plucked from My Dreams

I Got Pain
Like PERIOD Time Gone Wrong
Like Labour Crunching Inwards
As I Sit n SLAP my Song

I hear Shady Tears
See Eyes So WIDE like Shocked
A Vomit Gut Wrenching Baby Child
A Massive Giant on My Dock

A Body 10 Times My Size
Hands So BIG That Shake
Shake the Hair of Little Girl
So Small She Shuts Her Gate

There's Anger Flung So Hard
She's Holding Guts So Hard
She Pretends It's Not Real
As She Screams out a Squeel
As she Looks at This Fat Lard

How Can She Find Safety
In a Battle to Hide Fear
Somehow She Moved Emotion
To Her Belly Atmosphere

Slowly Slowy Writing
I Let The Girl Come Thru
So Tiny Thinking She's So Big
Locked Into This Crazy Stew

O.k Little Girl I Got My Eye On You
Give Me Your Ur Pain
It's Not Ur Game
I'll Throw It back where It's Due

OOH! Womb has alot of Recall
Memories to Unfold
Hey Little Girl Come Forth Some More
I Love U Let's Not Hold

Little Girl Upon My Womb
Hiding All This  Gloom
Will You Come Out n Show Again
Little Girl Upon My Womb




What's in a Touch
Is it a child Needing a Hug
A Teen-Child Wanting a Smudgy Bat Head Hug
An Adult wanting it All or Halfa One or or

Combinations of Hugs all Wrapped up in one
Can Be Consuming Bemusing Amusing Cruising
Confusing Triggering Lingering ...

What if someone doesn't know what a Bloody Good Hug is
What if someone knows But Won't Show
But Frequencies are running at Different Intervals Mind Heart
You Get Crappy Hugs Whether Mental Emotiona Physical or ALL

What If someone has Nobody to Hug
Always on their own Sittin' On their Throne
In The Middle of their Island
In Their Mind Field Energy Zone

Imagination sets In .. Fingers start to Play
On Walls Own Body or Typing away In Cybor Tunnels!!
"Oil me All Over !! " "Ah LERRRRV U !!! YamyamYUM"

We All Know we can be Free SEXY !!! Inside In Thought
So We Must All be able to Be Free and be Oiled All Over yeah ...

We Hu-mans r a Funny Bunch of MUT Heads
Surviving Best Way we Know
Looking for Attention
To Keep us on the Flow

What's UR Bag Do U Need a Little Luvin'
Then go GET It If It makes U Happy

Don't Forget to Trim Up Ur Hair
Sassy up Ur Flair
Mix a Cocktail of Bliss
Don't let Ur Mark Miss

IT Could Hurt Somebody
Could PLEASE Somebody send a big HIT
Could FoK with Someone's Head
Could FoK with Ur Own Psyche

Stay In the Zone
Do U Forget who u Do Love Close

Playing to Piss Someone u luv Off
Coz ur Sad or Testing Like KING KONG
Or Mad or a Mixed Bowl of All
Get Rid of That Flab TOO
Get Rid of That Not Caring about One's Self
Get Rid of the Bullshit In Ur Head
That Ur Above it All have Some True Guts Instead

What's With all This
Just a Hit n Miss
A Bit of Blurb That's Running Thru
To Tease U with a Psychic Kiss



Trippin' across each others story
Forced Life Game Glimpse no real Glory
Did U feel good breakin' with Ur Willful Means
My Sloshy Broken Mind I took the Liquor Soaked Seeds

U don't know Me and I don't Know U
Wrap Ur head around That If U Wanna Push Thru
Am I Thinking Straight I don't Know I'll leave that Up to U
If U Dare to Take the Challenge

Laughin' about Nothin' Listening to Non Present Rain
Tin Roof Plays a Tune Same Old Channel It's the Same
Did U get off on Push n Shove U Saw in Me
Slippin' Into Slosh world Game Spinnin' This Frizby

U don't know Me and I don't Know U
Wrap Ur head around That If U Wanna Push Thru
Am I Thinking Straight well I don't Know I'll leave that Up to U
If U Dare to Take the Challenge

U Were So Pushy I was so Needy
Or was I Greedy Were we Cracked Mirrors
I Don't Know I'll Leave that Up to U
If U dare to take The Challenge
It Wasn't Easy A Hidden Face in my Mind
Maybe Delete Me
If U dare to take The Challenge
If U dare to take The Challenge
If U dare to take The Challenge



Accepting Support No Matter Wot is hard
When Extremes Hit all Lower levels Of Awareness
Accepting Actions Even if Vague Like Not Real is Confusing
When Out of Character or Hidden IN Character Appears

Accepting that there is Friendship Deaper than One thought
Can bring One to a Stand Still with eyes crossed during Down Phase
Accepting that Another Accepts One's Crushing Truths
Can be be Crushingly Accepting in a new Way Of Acceptance

What Is Total Acceptance between two beings
That have Grown in so many Ways yet Never met
Friends on Inner and Outer Communications
Still Can Hurt when having to have to ...
Break open More Popped out Sides
Of Own Daily Life Challanges ...

Acceptance Can bring Crossroads of More Challenge
In Accepting the Acceptance of Another's
Acceptance of One's self ...

Surely By Accepting this Acceptance of Acceptance
It would bring more Self Acceptance of one's Self Acceptance
The Human Self The Elf Energies within
The Need to be Accepted

I cross the Crossroads of Self Acceptance
in Order to Accept the Support of a Close Another's
Self Acceptance ...
Of ...

Supporting one's Self
To Accept One's self

Of Accepting ...

Total Support From a Close Friend
In This Totally ...

Accepting Total Support



There is a sense of Total Detachment coming over me
A Sense of all passing the Triggers have left the Stage
It's Like All is Passing Parade ...

There is this Sense that when One has gone in Hypnosis
Or Fallen to Stronger Energies when Low In Ebb
It's Like It is a Passing Dream Display

There is This Notion or Assumption That certain Things shows Us
How deap we Trully Want to Swim is it Shallow or Deap Of Meaning
It's Like we see we r Much more than Wham Bam Thank U mam

There is Always Humility In Sharing Diverted Little Self Journeys
How Hard do we Try To Be Real about All Things That happen
It's Like Now Or never with Truths No Matter wot circumstance

There is Always Fear In Sharing All not Just Parts In Truth
Yet Not When Detached Looking at Who's Looking within
It's Like There's Nothing to Lose When Fate Takes Stand

There's Always Freak Shows of Inner Fraction Actions
However Jolts Can be Serving for Detachment to Take up Space
It's like Hello Reality Just Remember ...

Not to Dissasociate
Separate from Circumance of Anything
Stay With ...
Detachment Work with What Is
Not What is Lost ...




I'm totally fooked now
As to Who Am I
I'm Totally at a loss
As to having No Disguise

I'm Totally Lost yet I still share my Truth
Like I was a Personality That showed it's Proof
Proof to Myself I'm In New Phase Lost
Lost In being Lost in this Lost World of Lost

A Place In my head just keeps Going In Life
Have I hit a Brick wall Losing Wings In My Flight'
This Totally Lost Sense isi Gut wrenching Churns
Who Am I Now I have Great Concern

I'm Numb Again Numb yet Feel at a Distance
The Child In me went Sleeps In head in an Instant
This Totally Lost Sense Is a Total Loss
As To where I was Days ago Humming with No Frost

Frost is Like Slight Ice Crawling Over Heart
Can I Keep It open Deal with Lostness Thru Art
Creative I be This is Safety For me
But I Am So Lost in This Shaken Tree



Everything is as it Is?
Then Why Do I feel Out of Whack
Why Am I not Sure who I am
Why Do I feel so Slack

Everything Is as it Is?
Then Why Am I fogged right Now
Knowing I can't really in this State
Be near anybody In Close ...

If Everything is as it Is
Then tell me How I had a 360 Flip
Tell Me How I sit wondering
At a complete Opposite Action

If Everything is as it Is
Tell Me why Did I Break something
Something I See/saw Sacred
Now What Does Life bring

If Everything is as it Is
Why Do I feel Scared lost
Is Scared Lost in This Space
A new Slap lesson I am Giving Myself

If Everything is as it is
Then This is Life today
To deal with The Cards Dealt
I Blindly Played

So Quick Life can Change
If Not careful on the Ball
Then How one Deals with Cards Dealt
Is The Oversall

Overall be Looking Within to see why
Everything is as it Is Now I feel Quiet
Will I get Passed the Everything being as it is
See to the Wisdom be Bold Stay True In All This


I need to stay in my Cave
I Can't do this anymore
I threw the seaweed outta the water
Took a Look on the outside world

I let A Stranger In Like all before I caught it
Who is this why where's My head Space in this
Not Sure Now of people to Meet when I knew
A friend to Chat was what I thought at First I did do

Am I Weak in some area I'm Shocked in This Mode
I've come so far yet Look Now I'm Like Stoned
Stoned be about Right I've kept me to me
For so Long Now What happened why I need to see

I Stay With truth though No matter what
For This is me no Matter what's the Lot
And if this hurts like it hurts me
It's becoz I broke the Twii In Me

Need to get something on line
Need to get something Right
Perspective is Out
I've Lost The flight



Sitting Stunned at my Life today
I Freak at the thought of my Mind today
Living so long in this cave of Mine
I gave up gave In to the Moment last Night

Something Happened I am not sure why
I ponder the feelings the Brain wants to die
I went back to an energy that called and Showed
A side to me that I've ignored for most

Still Wasn't open like There's a lock on my Mind
And I opened the physical Door was I Blind
A drink or two or three really did it In me
Was I lonely so bad that I needed this weave

I now Think What The Hell Has Twii connection Been
For i fell into here and Now With Sexuality
It was the being That I ran from and I went Back
To Pay a Bill yet it became more than That

Confused and well stunned I am saying this
Coz I am on Open key truth Line Don't Miss
Is this karma to work out have I Smashed my heart
Or was it lesson to see that part in me to Chart

Charter away now in mind I do
I am FOOKED now Inside but I say this to you
Like ache it does not knowing why left field came out
Shaking head now as I come forth Physical Truth I Sprout