Happy Go Lucky Lucky Go Happy
Happy lets Lucky Go Lucky For Happy

OOOH! Seewearyass says things
WELL opened to Say ...
Coz Happy Go Lucky
Makes Room for Today

Go Lucky Was Today
I Happy I Let Out
What I had to Say

Gotta Go With Inner Guide
Gotta Go with Ebb n' Flow
Gotta Make Room for SeeWEARYass
If We Want Lucky Happy Pot Luck on the Go

Key is Listening to Inner Childs
Come Five Years Old Fourteen Years Whichever whatever
For once One Lets ALL Out with Flair
Then Happy Go Lucky in All comes to Share

OooooH! Ya !! And Go Lucky Loves to Love Happy
That's IT in a NUTshell ...
Happy Go Lucky Lives In All Within
Just Gotta Listen to See where They all Dwell

Hello Happy Go Lucky !!!


Relaxing Falling into One's Self
Falling Sinking Deap
Rising Out of Physical Realm
Tears become a Weep

Weeping brings a warming Vibe
Pain does Disappear
Belly Ache the Crimson Line
Leaves Feels Soothed In here

Presence becomes Strong
Calmness Fills Every Cell Pore
Lightness Color Blue Eye Brows Between
This Brings Love on Sea Shore

Faintly Faintly Stars Dance
Mingle Bright Light Hence
Melting Into Embracing This
No Aches No Sitting on Fence

Angel Energy Soft Touch Click
Click in back of head
On Angel touch the Body Soars
The Lightness it Does Spread

No Feeling No sense of sense
Just Being here Now
I Am Present Once Again
Like This was Like Last Hour

I Am Wounded Healer



Hello ... I am Addiction
I Like to Take you on a Story Trail
I've been in You Ever since You called for something outside of You
For Comfort Numbness and all that goes with this

You cannot See me but I am watching You
I am FEELING You I LIVE off You
I Live off the Very Little Critters Orphans Blind Singers
Of Different Concsiousnesses and Perceptions within

I Thrive on Your Energies when you are feeling Down or Over Excited
You Leave a Crack in the Wall for me to Enter into even Deaper
And when I Feel You Wanting to Give me UP
I Pull at the Psyche Strings Attached even Harder

Hook You even MORE ...

Oh I Have a GOOD Snickling Laugh !!!
'Coz I Know You Are CO-Dependent on Me
You Wish I would Go Away when you Feel me wear you Down
Hahahahahahahaha !!!! Wishing Won't Break Me Away

I Will Not Let You Know The Secret to Getting RID of Me
All I Will Say Is What Does The Energy
Attached to the Created Word Addiction
Feel Like To You NOW ...

Have You Heard of The Old Saying
A Two Way Street for a Too Needy Feed in a Place to Meet
This is a Hint as To How to Break Away This Entity
This is a Plea Maybe it is Time I left Not You to Stop

I Am an ENTITY ...

I AM Addiction



OH Dearest Darling Sweetest
I hear You Too Helping Bob Up n Down Bobby
I see what goes On Just Like He
Lets help Him get Thru this Last Push Into Wholly

When he Comes Out I see Frets
Too many Pictures Others for the Most
He doesn't Take Kindly to Disrespect
Poked at Robin Bird I Am Your Host

How Shall we work Together
Be In Thy Heart As One
He Takes Left Field when Struck
Strikes best in Times he's Hung

Wholly Whole we all have felt
So hard When Bob Up n Down Bobby Knows This
He Only wants to bath in Love
He Knows Love conquers This

Hello All Others Listening
Is Sleepy still On The Ball
Stay Tuned we're Fast Moving Again
Quickening Leaps In Us All

Quickening Leaps



Why For ought I listen to you
Which One is this Spoken
Were U talking to many my Names
Who Put the Smoke are you a Token

Did You Look In Mirror today
Smile take a Bow Curtsey
Or get Up Tired Once Again
Well Put on your New Dress Please

I See Your Trying to Stay Grounded or GROUND
Must be alot Happening In There
Can You take a bow That Your'e Still here
Have a Laugh Pull up a Chair

I Hear Distant Friends Playing Muzic
You Know them Well Enough
To Know That You are Welcome There
When Times Inside become Rough

But Are these Distant Friends Aspects of
The Different Selves In You
Do You Need to Relax Thy Body
Slow down Information Coming Through

Yes never say never Someone spoken Aptly Loud
You Heard it I've Said it Many a Time
Curl Up This side Inside for Now
This Kind Side You Gone Dry

The Sloppy Paint You see Pull Up
Is ney for not this One Here
I Just Came out to let You Know
I'm here for You won't Let You Disappear

Who AM I ...

Just All me To Speak today
You've Come out I hear
I won't Let You

Dissapear ...


:) Now is now is now :)
Never say never say no :)
No Means yes
In Some Shows ...

ah ... HAH!
Hello Ah Hah!

Strike Down when all Curdles
If The Pacifist Thinks as such
Is This Just Games
Do It If One Must

Just Don't Bring in the Weaving Wigglet
The One That Brushes Sloppy Paint
Don't Strike down like Goody Time
Tap into Ur Saint ...

Some of Us Just Dissappear
Aspects that Drop off a while
Get no Drive
What's Ur Dive

Yes .........

O.k. Thank U





If I don't say this Now
I Might regret it I mean It from My heart
If I don't Say This Now
I Just Might not Say it Again This way

I Love You
Like the Sun Shines Warmth Upon My face
I Love you
Like I Hug my Teddy bear
I Love You and the tears just Keep on Rollin'
I Love You Like I've Never Loved before

If I Don't just don't Get it Out
I Might not Say it Again Like This
If I don't just don't Let it out
I Might not find the key to more of This

I Love You
Like the Sun Shines Warmth Upon My face
I Love you
Like The Rain Loves My Curious Eyes
I Love You and the tears just Keep on Rollin'
I Love You Like before
I Just Love You I Just Love You

I Love You the tears just Keep on Rollin'
I Love You Like Never before



Are We Trully Being Ourselves
To the Max as we the Wayshowers Express
Are We Trully for the Highest benefit of *all* Involved
Or Just that Moment that Another Gives Us a Lift

Are We Aware of The Hidden Loneliness
That Others Skip out or Not to Slip Out
Are We Playing on The Emotional Needs we see
Justifying it as a way to go with and Beyond Sensual Emotional Pleas

Are we People Pleasers
That Subconsiously want to get ahead In Life
Do We Press The Buttons of Others
That need closeness To Cause Titilating Drama Strife

Do we really do the Best we Can whilst Old Patterns Lurk
Do We Not See Own Loneliness Has something to do with this work
How Long will It Take to Walk Gandhi's Walk
The Essence of True Peace ...

When Will We Realise The key to Life
Is Not In How to Please
But To be at Ease
Allow Others To Find
The True Us ...

We All As Wayshowers
Have so Much to Learn on Our Way
Showing Sharing Evolving

Do We Keep Justifying Our Own Actions
Or Open yet Another Door Take Heed

Listen to The Wisdom
In What Others have to say

This Cybor Sharing Can get Messy
When So Many Wanton Needs
Then Shutting down Computer
'Til next Time Dropping Seeds

Are We In This for The Long Hall
Unravelling All as One
Are We Open Enough To See beyond

Our ...

Calling's Just Begun


Runnin' Away I take a Flight to Nature
Or Runnin' to Might be the Breeze Callin' Me
Breathin' Life today somethin' Got into me
I just Feel I need the Need to Run Free

Then There's U Then There's U
Layin' on the Rocks a Presence It's So Steady
I See U I see U ...
Ur Eyes Rollin' Smiles my way In The Wind

Feelin' all alone a Forest I am In
So Glad to be so nothin' Rockin' in on me
One step at a time ...
Skippin' laughin' no Voices just Mine Times Three

Then There's U Then There's U
Layin' on the Rocks a Gentle Nudge U Breathe on me
I See U I see U ...
Ur Eyes Rollin' Love my way In The Wind

I don't Understand everything
Don't get the Gist of all what's happening
I Know Nature's walking me to the garden that awaits
Like this piece Inside kept hidden Trees keep Tappin' This

Then There's U Then There's U
Layin' on the Rocks a Presence Shown when Ready
I See U I see U ...
Ur Eyes Rollin' Smiles my way In The Wind
My Secret World I Keep U In My Heart Somewhere
In a Sacred Place I know U Love me

Then There's U Then There's U
Layin' on the Rocks a Gentle Nudge U Breathe
I See U I see U ...
Ur Eyes Rollin' Smiles my way In The Wind
My Secret World I Keep U In My Heart Somewhere
In a Sacred Place I Know there'e more to this
I See U I see U ...
Ur Eyes Rollin' Smiles my way In The Wind



I Came from The Gutter
I put Myself There so small
I ate out of Bins some of my best times
Scanning Bins out back of Restaurants

I Came to learn Witch Games
The Witch Dances of Witch Dance
I Mastered What I needed to
Kata Daki is Stil Beside me

I Dodged Bullets I Dodged my Own Beauty
Do I need to Hide Happiness Now I Think Not
I am Beautiful in All My Glory
The Gutter Taught Me well

I Lived High Rich Living
No Material I Needed to Wish for
Saw the Gealousies of Many Around Me
The Cindarella was I though Kept by Sink

This Cinderella has her Prince Holding Her
I will Not Hide My Love My Joy My Happiness
For I have Lived The Hell Bound
Witch Life Full of Bwitches

Scoulding Thy Cinderella Keeping her Down
Is What past So called friends have done
Whilst Envying Materials False senes Of projected happiness
Little witches Can Pull Claws out with the Power of Suggested Niceness

I Learned Who Is real In heart To Me
Who Isn't with Good Intentions Towards me
I learned When I was Narsicistic Respondiing
In Past Narsicism I learned How to See It In Others

I Do My Best to Rise Above Issues
BIgger Than Life Give LOVE yet Also My Truth
See if This Brings Acceptance
If troubles Hit My Friendship Door



I Am Princess In The Garden With All
True LOVE My Prince
Is True To Me This We Deserve
I Am true To My Prince

Heart To Heart ...
Divine Love Between
I Congratulate My Prince
I Am His Princess




I greeted Life Today in a Panic Welcome
Saw faces In My Dreams That left a Bad Taste
Usually Happens after Chocolate Cake Didn't Like Me
Doesn't make for a Grandiose Few Days

I Hope Tonight
Is Like Sparkling Lemonade

I Said Some Things without Really saying Anything
And I Know You Picked it Up In mY Energies
I Left off Smiles The Magic Antidote to Life
Didn't make for a Smile Upon Your Face

Forgive me ...I Hope Tonight
Is Like Sparkling Lemonade

Without You Accepting me The way I Am
I wouldn't be Able to Keep on Going I'd probably Shut My door
Without You Seeing beyond Myself I Think I would Just Fade
But You Stand In Front of Me Bowing Anyway

I Hope Tonight
Is Like Sparkling Lemonade

I greeted Life Today a Panic Welcome
Saw faces In My Dreams That left a Bad Taste
Usually Happens after Chocolate Cake Didn't Like Me
Doesn't make for a Grandiose few Days Forgive Me

I Hope Tonight
Is Like Sparkling Lemonade
I Hope Tonight
Is Like Sparkling Lemonade



My we all In times of Confusion
Bow Our Heads and Rejoyce in Breathing
May we all In Times Of Fixations
Hold hands Over Our Hearts Hear The beat of Mother

May we all Vision Us In Sync
Even If The Vision Changes Shape
May we all Hold The One Image
Together we Stand circled in This Hum

May We all Feel within Each Other
Beyond the Termoils That Pass
May We All Remember
We Are Children In One Cozmic Class

May We All be Forgiven
Before Anything has Surfaced as a Test
May We All BE Forgiving
Forgiving Ourselves at Best

May We All Be Here
Lifting Hearts To Highest
May We All Become Family
Attune to What Is Wisest

May We All Be Always Blessed
Inner Wishes Coming True
So We Can All Become

The ...

Best of Me and You



Please ...
Give me a Blanket
Wrap me Up warm and safe
Give me Light
In This Place

See past my Face
Send Me Angels of Grace
Show me Light
In my Sight

Roll the Carpet of Love
Sprinkle Rose Petals Kiss This Dove
This is A real Call For Support
Opening Up has Been eazy so far

Stay a while Leave Later if U must
This New Life I Trust
I found This Inside
I Will Ride The wave

To Love



I'm Just a Growth On Planet Earth
Droppin' Seeds Catch One Kiss Me
It's for Free Baby It's for Free
Good Things R for Free for Free Baby

Flowers Dancing On Our Lawn
Crop Circles Holding Hands
Shadows Flyin' Silent Calls
Ants Crawlin' Up My Pants

Did we Enjoy The Day
Are We Satisfied
Don't Brand me Anything
I'm a Forest Gone Wild

Yeah I'm just a Growth On Planet Earth
Droppin' Seeds Catch One Kiss Me
It's for Free Baby It's for Free
Good Things R for Free for Free Baby

Did I just Hear U laugh
Hope it was a Good One
My Eyes are Mountain Tops
Beaming Thru Clouds to the Sun

Life Ain't exactly wot it seems
We Think we Can Know Someone
And WHAM! .. Welcome to Eyes Wider
Can U Handle Your Wings Undone

Well I Am Growth On Planet Earth
Droppin' Seeds Catch One Kiss Me
It's for Free Baby It's for Free
Good Things R for Free for Free Baby



There's the One Eyed Girl hidin'
I've Tried to Catch Her
I Watch Her run n Blind me
I Tried To reach Her

Little Rabit laughs n Peeks
As Soon as I Focus The Tweek has Gone
And I'm Tickled on my Shioulder
I Turn and rabbit has gone

Little One Eyed Peach
Liittle Girl Let Me In I'm Ur Fliend
I Got Chips To Share
They're Everywhere

One Eyed One Eye One Eyed
BabyGirl ...............
Take Your Dress off and Face
One Eyed One Eye One Eyed
BabyGirl ...............
Take Your Dress off Ur Veil

There's the Girl with the hidin' Eye
I've Tried to Catch Her
I Watch Her run n Blind me
I Tried To reach Her

Little Rabbit Tweeky You
Know Her Know her know her
Bring Her to Me
I won't bite I won't bite I won't bite

Liittle Girl Let Me In I'm Ur Fliend
I Got Chips To Share
They're Everywhere

One Eyed One Eye One Eyed
BabyGirl ...............
Take Your Dress off and Face
One Eyed One Eye One Eyed
BabyGirl ...............
Take Your Dress off Ur Veil
Little One Eyed Peach
I Got Chips To Share



Do You See The Joy Thru The Pain
Do You See the Shared Monstrosity is Growth
Do You take on Board what You Don't Need
Do You Shake head at Truths of Past Learnings

What Is This Opening Shared Come back See Me Now
What Goes There In Truth Sharing
Is This Worth The Friendship I No Doubt
I See Faith Inside Has Stayed The Friend That Be

Nothing Within Without I Will Stand to My Calling
I Be slowly Drawn to Child Take Wake Call Open
'Tis has Been a long Road Blindly Falling
I Share The Trails Of Unwanted Haste

Would This Feel Like I have Broken
Not So .. Broken hit Many Times In Past
Is It Nice Sun Pouring Love In Organs
Yes Indeed I Feel The Sun At Last

Do I worry What You be Thinking
No So ... I Surpassed The Need
Do I Feel You Sadness Life Drinking
Yes .. Please Refrain from Sighing to Me

Would I be Happy More So Ever
I Wake Happy Joy Leaps Thru Window Shine
Wooden Tao Reminds Me I Have Spoken
This is Me Upon Given Beach Divine

Is there eazier Ways to Travel This Earth
Yes .. be Sure to pack Nice Fruit
This Bird Is Surely Awakening

I Am Alive In You



I got a Smile so Wide I walk the Streets I'm holding Ur Hand
People Stare I Walk On By Hand in the Air Swingin'
U Hear Ur Echoes Of me laugh I Know Ur Coming On So Strong
This Vibe is Running Free Walking around Hands in The Air Swinging'

N' I Can Feel u when ur Brushing up against me with ur Aura
Gets me High This Beat Imagination Comes Alive
I Feel Alive This is So Funny On a High I Walk The Streets U Got me Honey
Love Is Enough Love Is Enough.Love Enough Love Enough Love Enough Yeah

I walk the Streets I Am Alive It's not Just My Imagination
U Walk around Hands In The Air Swinging'
I Know Ur Coming On So Strong the Night It Talks to me
Yeah we r Swingin'

N' I Can Feel u when ur Brushing up against me with ur Aura
Gets me High This Beat Imagination Comes Alive

I Feel Alive I feel Alive This is So Funny
I'm On a High I Walk The Streets U Got me Honey
Love Is Enough Love Is Enough Love Enough Love Enough Love Enough Yeah
N' I Can Feel u when ur Brushing up against me with ur Aura
Gets me High This Beat Imagination Comes Alive

I know It's more than Wishful Dreams Infatuation
N' We'll Meet One Day ...
Gets me High This Beat Imagination Comes Alive
Gets me High This Beat Imagination Comes Alive
Imagination Comes Alive



There is Much that You have writtin Thru Moi
There is Much That I have written Thru You
There is Much we write Individually
There is Much we just Do Just becoz

There is Much In Mind U Always Talking
I Talk back Laugh Cry share so True
I Have to ask am I Talking To Myself
N' When I do You Buzz me Up n' Down Thru You

It's Like This Inner conversation that Comes whenever
It's Like It Creeps in as You do Subtly
It's Like We R One Soul Contemplating
What We Will Share DO Share Comfortably

It Can't Happen If We R Fearful Truth Seekers
It Can't Happen if We feel the Need to Hide
It Can Only Happen If Trully want to Be
Open Channels Between UEMMEE

If Ever I Do Question This Inner Connection
Spirit Talks Louder Laughs Sparks Jolts
Zappz In Between The Legs ...
Above Thy Head Lightening Bolts

No Point In Fighting IT we are Beyond Masks
Masks be Fun For Playtime Creative Flair
Spirit To Spirit We Are In Contact
Pink Floyd Say 'Is there Anybody IN There'

Yes THERE IS ... I N U A N I K T I T U T



I turned to Love
and U were there
I Yearned for Love
and Life did share

I Opened to Love
I bared to U
U turned and gave
the best so true

I shamed it out
U listened well
I named my drama
Transformed from hell

U came in slow
This is for sure
I fell to earth Dramas

Thanks to YOULOVE

I Now Soar



Tripping Passed the Locks
They Unlock as Tripping Pass
In This Tripping BYPass Unlocks
I Trip to Future Vast

Vast Has Been My Past
At Last I Can get Passed
Now I CanTrippily Cast
Light Thru Future In Past

Sounds a Little Like Tricky
Sticky even maybe ah No :)
More Like Happy to Come Across
New Trips Unlock NEW Shows

Shows Be u tell Me
I tell U we share
More get Ballsy bring It on
Unlocked Truths We Dare

Truths we Dare to Recall
The Richness In It All the Wealth
Healthy Relations Relating
Going Beyond Myself



Hi U with the big smiley
u Always sending Love
No matter wot I'm doing
u Always sending Love

Hi U with the Hidden Feelings
never letting anyone know
U Always sending Love
U Always sending Love

and I Love It and I Love U
Coz U Love without returns
yeah I Love Love without returns
Wot is this Love with returns

U Always Love to Love
Let's celebrate
So u Always sending Love
let's celebrate

So U Always sending Love



The Man of Peace
The Man of Unconditional Love
The Man Full of Smiles :)
The Man Full of Compassion
The Man Full of Spirit
The Man of My Dreams
The Man so Simple In Heart
The Man so Warm In Heart
The Man Whom Delivers Messages of LOVE

The Man of Hope
The Man of Faith
The Man of Forgiveness
The Man of Many Faces
The Man of Many Colors
The Man with Pure Intention
The Man with Deap Understanding
The Whom Taught Us Circlestanding
The Man Who Reached Into Hearts

The Man Who We Love

The Soul Man ...

The Man of Peace

Jouni Sakari ...



Hello Not Click On Too Clickly
How does go the Flow Blow
Does all need be all Gathered
Oh No just Groove Inside to Our Flow

Hello U Groover Clicker
So Nice U call Clickety by
So Right don't need to know all things
All Clicks I Am U Inside

Be Friended be Friends I'm My Best Friend
My Buddy within Clicks Clickety Joy
The Belly Laughs Buddy Up Best within
The Buddy me Best Clickorous AHoy

So Nice To Peel More get To Know U
The More I do I Become New
U Too U Best Buddy Within me
We Continue Beginnings See Thru

The Things we don't Know yet ah So Cute
Tomorrow Day Dawn Still Birthing
Forever we Open Together and Laugh

As .....




Take me High take me Low
Take me Left Right yes U Know
Take me Smoothe take me Blues
Take me by Joker Peek Poker

Take me Wild take me Come
Take me Filed take me One
Take me CRAZY take me Blunt
Take me Luffing on Ur Treasure Hunt

Take me IN take me Out
Take me Whereever there Ain't No Doubt
Take me Surprise You Do So Well
Take me Forward Chime That Bell

Take me HUM Ho Bug Knows
Take me Buddy Chum on The Go
Take me Woooo This Wot U Do
I Got Me Best Buddy See I Blew

Take me Wise take this and Fly
Take This and THAT!

Coz ...




I Am the Hind
I Am Gentle The Grass has to be soft
I Am easily Startled come Gently
I Am Gentle to Smell the Scent of Love Calling
I Am Soft to Feel the Aura Surrounding

I Am Hind
Gently I Tippy Transformed from Rabbit
My Kin Rabbit Nudges me to Come Out
So Shy is Rabbit within Needing Hind I

I Am Jingle Feet
Hind Dancing Within My Dangle
Hind Of Grace Come Mercy Knock
HInd of Graceful Stride Legs Leap

I Am Quiverer
Quiverer of Tingles Felt from Afar
If You Dare to Touch me
Stroke My Aura To Slowly Come In

I Am Spirit Free gentle Winds Lift
Floating My Senses To Feel You
Come Gentle Stag Whom Protects Me
Come Touch The ...

Hind Within



Help me to Rise My Vibrations
Help me to Call In my Helpers
Help All Angels to Assist
Help me to Alway Be

Help me to be Forever Forgiving
Help me to Always be Living
Help me to be Always Guided
Help me to stay Free

Help me to Continually See
All The Good In Everybody
Know when Something leave alone
Not bring into My Field within Me

Help me to Open
Vibrations More Beyond
Dimensions So many
Just In This Song

Help Me to be
All That I Am
In Any Given Moment
No head In The Sand

Help me to Feel
U In All Me
Vibe with U Deap
Totally Honest and Free

Help me Help me Always
To Ask for Help from U
Help me to Help ...

Yes ..

Help Me to Always Help U


MAN oh MAN WOW !!!

Oh! ;)

I Be Your Bride Of Honor
I be Your calling All Winds
I be Your Chuckle come Play me
Soothe Being I Am Yours Eternally

I be Your I AM for i AM You See
I Am What I AM That I AM In This Tree
I be The Flame Come Violet Feel White
Lilac and Lavendar Violet My Light

I be In Tune with My Tunes Of My Tune
I be In Love it's O.k U My Groom
I be So Happy Like Bliss bomb come Splash
I be your Baby Your Lady Beyond Stoney Hash

I be In Favour of All That I Do
I be In Sync Come Butterfly In U
I be So Slick Some days Shy This You Know
I be The One Just Like Yoko John Shows

Now Is the Now is The Now is the Now
I Say WOW yeah man Wow Show man

POW WOW !! ...

Man Oh Man WOW !!



If This Be the day for U
I Pray for u Today
I give of Wot i have to Give
In heart U come Wot May

The Burst of Birth onlu Do Know
Or Feel Like This be true
A Celebration is at hand
U Deserve All That Comes to U

A Child A Miracle Symbol Of Love
Happy *Birth* Day

Creation At It's Best
Child Spirit the Innocence U r
New Soul Born From Cozmic Nest

This Special Day Unique Birth Of U
A memory To keep Safe
For All the Trials and Loves gone by

So Special is Today

Happy *Birth* Day



Percy Percy Love Come Blurty
How Did Ur Loving' Grow
With Silver Linings Happy Chimings
Bracelets with charmers to Go

Oh Beatiful Beats n Beautiful Love
You have for Ur Loved one So Close
Make Her Some Fruit Dish Ur Favorite Cleesh
Open Your heart You She Chose

Percy Per See oh Per See Percy
The Gateway So Close U R Primed
She Loves U Beyond Just Awed By Ur Bond
So Beyond is U Her Love Squeeze Some Lime

Percy Percy U Got Grace Mercy
Sensual Timing to Show Her
How Beautiful She Shines
She'll bare in Good time

The Beautiful Of ...

See these Signs

Oh ...

Percy Percy



GIDDYUP Riders riding High for Highs
Did The Horse ...
Take You far far Into a Rise
Didya Gallop Firey Enough

Didya feel Jockeys Get A Little Rough
Didya feel Jockeys Swing U Tough
Didya Trot a Litle while
Walk a Pace to Their Style

Jockey Pan Seeker
Didya meet Rising Wise
Or were the Highs Way to UP there
Making Lows a Ding Bang Demise

HORSEY HORSEY Is thirsty You Now
Need to Rest In the Wings
Under Willow Tree
Scratch Your Brow

Riders Riders ...
Did The Horse take Wing Flight
Ride You High above Your Whipping Stick
Take Into Wise one Bright

Who Goes There !!! In Haste
Who Wasn't Satisfied
Who Needs to Whip the Horse again
For a Better Ride

Dear Horse Of Angel Eyes
Was It Worth The back Ridden Heat
Will the Jockeys Let You rest Now
Or want to Change Your Beat

Rest Now Horse
Under the Willow Tree
Scrach and Drink Thy Water Near
You've Done So many Good Deeds

And If Another Jockey Decides to Ride You Hard
Bring Your WINGS Out Again And Show Them Who You Are

The Highs Riders Demand Will Flourish
Into Balanced Successful Flight
When Your Wings take Smooth Angel Gallops In Clouds
To Show Them They are Light

For Now ...

Horse Chill Under Willow Tree



Warmness? Gentleness?
You break me Into Tears
You Whisper in my Ears

Merging closer Breaks me Into Sweat
Like Feather light of Feel your Brush
Brushing Up against My Skin

No Gentleness do i know of this
Only baby Memories Mother baby Cheeks
Slow Movements I recall I was Loved Once So Dear

Only as baby My soft Stillness
And Privelidge Giving Birth
Memories of baby and Mother

I Feel This Gentleness
How did You get In ...
I feel I have been pain struck

So many years this Has been
Not Quite here At all ...
Sitting outside my Body

Am I coming back Into me
I felt Buzz when you neared me once
Now I feel Vulnerabilty ...

A feel Of Exposure Raw
A feel That I Know You Care
Care Like I gave my baby childs

There Is Just Tears
There Is Just Tears
This New Feel In Here

This Cozmic Sway
I feel Today ...
You Have Been

Peeling Layers Away



Twisted Willow bending In The Winds
Magic Wand Branches Birds come and Sing
Listless Newbeez Come By Take Up Home
Willows Twist Welcomes The leaves Aren't Alone

Air Brush Movements Feather Dust Seeps Play
Harmonies Quiver the long Road ways
Sun slips Angel Eyes a brightened Young Beak
Shades of colors do come Open To Speak

Warming Feather Tops The twists hold per Chance
The Roots Go so Deap all come By to take Glance
Water oh Water So much Willow Needs
Droppings of Seeds Spread Good Butterfly Deeds

Eyes of so many bright dim Colorful Sheen
The Willow Tree bends In the Winds of Our Means
Means to an End Ends To Our means
Come Sing In the Willow Tree

Twisted Willow In The Breeze



I Can be a Hand Full
I can be Deap Swim Wear
Can be Good for Seeing Into habits I Share
The deapths of All Our Underwear

I can Look Beyond Deaper
Where Simplicity Likes To Dwell
In the World of Simplicty
Is all Heart Cores Beyond the Shell

Sometimes I need to Dig Deap
Test the Waters Cool Warm
Happy trails Come Outta This
Touching Souls We Swarm

So Much Issues We all Spark
Leading To Own Truths ...
Lets Reach Out Help all Become
The Love In Me and You

Turning Turning Sweep the Floors
Find Our Ourselves In Heart Felt Core
Understanding How Precious We R
Circlestanding We R All A Part

Opening we Can Do Some More
Leaving Off The Minor Inner Wars
Seeing in Each Other the Bigger Plan
Universal Connecting All That I AM

All That I Am is All That You Are
Come Join Bros and Sistas We R not that Far
Compassion Grows the More We Share
I Love me More Some and See feel U There

Dancing Digging We Do to Unfold
Lets All Join Hands become Cozmic Bold
Bold be to See beyond Complexed Views
For Within the Core of Heart ...

There is ...

Me Another YOU



True Love is Deaper than skin Deap ....
How we as Humans Do Let It In Cheep
What Starts this Trigger within brings Out Desire
The Urge to be Ravished In Middle of Night ?

What brings out Animal No Consideration for Others
Not caring if another is invloved Just Snow Balling
To Smuther Smuther Smuther
Desire desire Desire

Even If One Can See The Desired One has no interest
SMUTHER Beasty CHOMPER of Needs May Walk Over like Pest
Hurting The Hearts of others If Invloved in Momentary Glimpses
Supposedly Caring for all involved showing of One's Best

Oh Maybe One In This Space thinks does Give of One's Best
Through Sexual Spiralling Subtle Demanding yet still trying to Break
Maybe Only Just Only To reach Beyond reach Conclusions of ...
Nurture Sort out One's Own back Yard Where Love of Long Awaits

Does The Lust Chaser In Pursue In This State
Care Less/more about any others Involved Per see
Not when One Wants Hot Times saying Life's Too Short
At Any Price In Their House Full Of Needs

Oh Love Repsect for all Involved
Seems not the way when On This Heat
Not Unless True Love Respect for self Is Reached
Is met beyond This Beat ...

Oh Why Do We as Humans Beings
Act In such Ways like no Other with Walls
It's all to do with Dseire for

Holy Unconditrional Divine Love ...

Searching Greatest Love Of All



DAMN U get to Me
How do U DO do do That!
I got My Way n U KNOW IT!

Playing with My Heart :)
OOOzy Cruizy WOOOING me In
Where did This All START

OOH Sometimes I Could Get U
Put U Over My Knee
Spanky Like ur my BIG BOY At Play
Naughty ! Nice U be ...

How ... is the Burning Question
But Then THAT would Bring in The WHY
Who Needs the Questions ANYway
When I LUV U My Lion Pride

U Brought This Out In me
Dabbling with My Selves Inside
U tapped My Hidden One Free

Free be not all selves Quite yet
Yet All Do Follow My Tunes
The Hidden One U brought out Here
This One ... Izzzzzzz

SASSY!!! Singing To U



OOOoh! I felt a String Plucked !
Dang ding donga DUDE ...
Which String did u Pluck
Attempt to Tune ...

HI Vibe Rolling I'm No Longer Strolling
I Can hardly walk ! U got me Holding

Holding Wot! ...
U work IT out :)
U the One That plays My Strings
Makes my BODY Shout!

Playing With my RED
Making Way To Orange Rush
Up and UP We Go Some more
To My Crown I BLUSH! ..

Fingers Run Back Down
Dingaling Ding Dong
Playing me Like a FIDDLE u Fiddle
Breaking Into a Song

Song be One Big Charm
Charmer That U R ...
Love me One More Time Baby
I'm Ur ...





Ah! LUV U Baby !
I Guess Ah! AM Within Ur TRIBE

Spring Time SPROUT!

Just becoz it's YUM !
I Luv our Beatzeeezbeezbuzz HOT Vibez

Come again Sometime
U iz ALLwayz Welcome
U Ring Ma BELL baby
and Ah!

Leeerrrrv Ur HUMDRUM !



Crossing Paths of Paths of many
Stirring Winds the Butterfly Floats
Checkboard faintly The Butterfly Sitting
Only For Seconds Butterfly Song Singing

Monkey of Mind Makes Moves Left Right
Wading Thru Images In Loo Out of Sight
Processing Quickly The Butterfly Takes Flight
Butterfly Sees Monkey Knows What is Light

Monkey Dreams Outter of Space Come back How
Monkeys Allows growth as the butterfly is Now
Now is In Giving and Flighty LOVE LIGHT
Monkey See Happy This is Our Twii Bright

Butterfly on Nose Shows the Air is so Here
Breathing the messages of All Atmosphere
Growing Thy Wings Spread Look Down on thy Board
Moves making genuine Intense Monkey too can Soar

Mind is a maize of How Life Sets Us Free
If Always The Butterfly Within lets It be
Monkey In Service makes Moves that Suit All
Galactic In Service This Butterfly' The Door

Open Come In Kisses
Embrace in sacred holy communication
Between our souls This be true
In Any situation

Tests Come and Go So Quick
As Quite as Butterfly Flight
I Send Butterfly Kisses

To U Dear Twii ...
Butterfly Did Come By



Living in Totality of Freedom of being
Is Somewhat of a Daily Cleansing
A Continual Awakening
Continual Rebirthing

Rebirth is Many Little Ahaha Moments
Leading to New Beginnings
New Universal Rebirth
Cozmic Rememberance

Allowing All To be AZIZ
Gives Freedom to All AZIZ Within
Gives Openings many a Time
Many More To Come

No Need for Explanations to Others
Even To One's Self ...

For If We R Forever being Open In Purest Intention ...
We Are Helping Heal Ourselves n Others
We Are Open To Continual Transformations
We Don't Need to Put Out Vibes Of Claims

Claims Will Only Hinder Us Within
Self Conviincing Beyond Our Capablilties
Will Eventually lead us to Our Ignorance
And We have Choice Of Staying OPEN

Sharing Openly Our True Reasoning
Behind Our Masks Presented
It Can Only Make Us Stronger
Seeing the Deaper Aspects Intended

We Don't Need to Explain To Others
In Order To Save Face ..
Just Move On into a Purer State Of Being
Live Love Live for ...

Purest Intention



Did I Really Look ever for the One ?
Did I Take Time to ever Choose Anyone ?
nO :) nO :) nO:)

A Rollin Stone with Shut Blind was I
A Pin Ball In The Mechanical BOX Machine
An Emotional Dolly Tattered Hidden Wise
Secretly Becoming Light Hearted Cuisine

Was I Ever Looking for Someone ?
nO :) I was Taken before I Could Check
Did I Ever Think of The One?
yES :) Dream Fantasy Secret ALwayz I Let

Did I Find The One? Oh Did I DID :)
I did I Did I Did I DID !!! ...
It was MEEEEEEE !!
ALL Along ...

ZERO Point Hit Gravity In I
Can't Recall When for There was No Time
Deflated Deflated deflated I'd Become
An Opening a Gate a HIGH Victory Won

Did I Meet The ONE One ?
:) yES I DID I DID I Did ..
Inside the ONE Was Me So Bright
Then I Found Almighty Light ...

Then Syncronicity Lead Me To HE/SHE
When He Found HE/SHE In He ...
HE/SHE Found SHE/HE in Me

And I Found ...




So Good when Someone Loves Us
All Sides Red Blues Green Yellow Trials
Old Saying Love me Warts n All
Rings True when 1st Grey Hair Smiles

Soo Good when we Can Emerge
Show Sides all Sides No Hurry Worry
Give In Love Scars Come Paint Them Pink
Envizion Flowers No Scurry :)

Soo Good when We Can LAUGH so True
Mind Physical Emotional Disease Our Gifts
Why Bother Hating Parts of Us
More Fun Enhancing No Sin

So Profound we Become In Knowing This
The Truths of Past Guilt Leave
Belonging to Creator Within
We Break Old Patterns with Ease

Do Go On Dear Open More
U Know U can Trust We
My Scars and Memory Tracers Long
All Do Belong To Me

Appreciation I Do Share
In Knowing U So Wise
I Give Of Colors I Once Hid
Becoz I ...

Became Alive



Commitment has not been my Forte`
Commitment has sent me mad from Crossroads
Commitment I have seen as Trap
Feeling Trapped and thus living in Boxed Worlds

Yet .. I Have Seen U Many Years Ago
Not Knowing it Be U The Light
The Light It Came to Me Fighting off Ego
Drawing Divine Light Thru Connected Us

This Dream Came back to Me
I Recognised U Melting Into I Now Understand
I Have Melted Eye Focus On Divine
Passion Extacy Takes me Away Into Cozmic

Passion I Do Not Fight
For It is U That Lifts Via Love
Making It Possible To Float Beyond
As I Sing Along Within Our Song

I Commit Now To This Flame
As the Great Divine Guides Me
I can Share All That I Encompass
With Ego as a Mere Joy to Embrace

For Within This New Order Ego Is My Friend ...
To Share In Love Light and learn New Experiences Share Back
It Is Quite Simple When I Choose Love to Commit Beyond Void
This be a New Awakening I Embrace With Joy

How Is How Not Why to Die
'Tis Only Love Spirits See Eye to Eye
Soul Hears all This Now We Take Flight
The Flame Is Blazing Commited Tonight

Commiting To Universal Call



Oh ! :)

When We Taste To Feel
And Pick up Things To Feel
This is All Good For Curious Child

When We See Wot We taste
See Wot We Pick Up Hold
This is AllGood For Curious Child

When We Do This We Grow and Learn
So Much Good In this Wonderous World
The Wondermeant of Wondering
With Child Like Wondering Innocence

This be Our Journey Of Life

To Wonder To Experience
Flourish With Open Eyes Like Child
Live Love be Free In the Wonderment

OV ... LIFE Here On Earth

Here Now ....
KNOWING We Are Dearly Loved




The Strength That U Share Show
Thru Hidden Hurts
Astounding as it May be
Is the Beauty of Ur Soul

The Courage U Maintain
Thru Hidden Termoils Per see
Compounding as it may be
Is The Duty of Ur Eternal Flow

The Apt I being So Clear
During Phases Of Acceptance
Circlestanding as U Do
Is Ur Truly Shining Angel I Know

The Compassion The Angst
Mixed Compels to me Share
U R The Light I AM THAT I AM
This be I AM That I AM Glow

The Extacy Future Freedom Play
The Way We did Cozmic Child Display
FREEDOM I Feel So Much Now
I AM THAT I AM Begin NEW Today

For Pain It Can be quickly Transmuted
Transformations for The Better
New better ways to be All That We See
The Changes In Us

That ...

Help Others Set Free



It is Slightly Winter In Spring
It is Slightly Autum In Summer

The leaves have Fallen off
Yet More leaves Are Growing
Flowers are Blooming
Some are Budding

The Wonders Of Change are Taking Place
The Change of Wonders have Change now Pace
True Love is Ney But Blink Away
It's In our Hearts The path is Paved

Do We Freak or Do we just Smile
Letting Go the old Making Room Inner Dial
The Crystal Fragments Some More have Joined
In Liquid Formation The Seas Laughter Enjoy

The Smile On each wave as Each Wave Touches Our Face
Becomes Our Greatest Replenishing Grace
The Sun It Shines in ways Unsaid
Hello My Darling we Awaken The Dead

Do Chant I AM LOVE
Do Spread Wings of Arms
Do Believe U R TRUE
Do Believe In You

For U Deserve Changes for Good
So be Still and open to this Gift
Opportunity To be
In Love With Me

In Love With me Like I Love To be
To be In Love with Love

So Let It Be



Door is Opening So Cool in Here
The Breeze is Waking The Fool In here
The Chordle Chuckles Of Fantasy Life
I see U now I Love Ur Splice

Door Is French So This Fool Is Queer
The Cheese is Tasty The Tools Are so Clear
Dordles Of Spring Woods of Classic Sprite
I Feel U Now I Share Ur Splice

Door is Shining a Welcome Come Here
The Sneeze of Chalice singing Bowls Do Cheer
The Causal U Burden Play Manic Delights
I Know Us Now we Love This Splice

Doors of many Little leading to Core
I Love My Life I U All

Play with me Teeze me give take come back
I can Grow now so Much More the Aspects I lack

Jump In deap water Oh! Damn U Already Have
U were waiting for me to becoming Savvy Sav
Oh Cool Is This Opening Come Home U Might say
Another World we r In Now

Thank All For Today

The Door



A Soul is getting Into me Could it be My Soul
Is this All me coming Am I Truly Reaching Out

Am I really This Strong The Stones Turning Over
The Secrets Unleashing R U Truly Reaching

This Soul Is U Me This is So Adventurous
I Am Becoming More in The Light of Truth

We Be ...

What Hurts Becomes A Story Maybe This I Always Needed
The Need is to be Turned Inside out With Someone Like U

Show Me Ur Burdens Show me Ur Desires
I Like to Journey this This with U I Like to Join U More and More

I Like to Watch This all Watch me Watch U
Aspects all Count This Number In U

Be Always True I Always Sense will be with U
For U Unlock So Much In Me Guide I Do U To My Door

Be Always Tossing All the Balls No Matter How many
This be True friends My hand U Hold Guide me to Ur Door

Forever More



What Brings U to My Door
What Gentle Tippy Toe Goes There
How Does One Help U Enter
Wonderous World I Want To Share

Who Goes there Outside my Sil
Peeping Softness Hidden So U Think
I See U there Fluffy Springtime
Is It Time U Entered In

Who Gives So Much of Time
To Take In Knowing Me
Was It my Hair Color Shine
Or Button Brightness U see

I Feel I Know U well
I Feel U Know Me Too
I Feel I Feel U Watch Over Me
The Fuffy Love Light Twii

What Other Ancient Totem
Does Transform to Show Do Tell
I Love U dear U Fluffy Treat
Do Come In Take Rest Come In Dwell

So Kind I Have Come to Know
U Love For True Like Grace
The Mercy Quiet Tippy Toe U
Is Allowed Inside My Place

Oh Do Come In My Child
For Underneathe it All
It is U I Desire With To Be

But For Now I Must Do Time
Unravelling All In My Mill
'Til All Stones have Been Turned
Then Return ...

To YOU I Will



Does it Not Make U Strong Distance Heart Strong Fond
It Does This for Me Always So Long So Longer We'll Bond
The Crystal Highway Specialties of Stillness Fast Lane Light
Speed GodSpeed LOVE Our Hands We Touch Tonight

Be Sure to Be Sure We Know time Is Nothing When In Sync
In Love Of Love Of Light We Glide Our Kiss Reach Soul One Blink
Oh Here In Stroking One's Own Cheek is Like The other Doing So
So Warm So Personal It Does Feel the Long Wait Worth This Glow

Details Not So Important hey ..
Oh Maybe When Sadness Creeps
Yet Trully True Love It never Dissapates
It Grows Lennon Yoko Did Speak
Some Tiredness Comes n Leaves all The same
In Flash We Give Again
This Be Our Challenge On Planet Earth
To Be There For Each Other Same

So Beautiful yet So Sad Sweet
So Endearing Tho When We Meet
In Twilight This Deapness we Know
We Share So Much

Help Each Other Grow



Pitta Patta A child Walks thru the Feet of Adult Step
The Somber Breathes of taking in Fresh Air
The Squint of Moment that Pass Unnoticed
Tears that Follow the Flutter of Wishful Delight

The Strength In Knowing The Tears Become Wisdom
The Sense that Maybe The Forest Chants U Messages
The Lonely Distant Heart Ache One can Feel
Allowing The Child the Flight some more to Play

Oh Beez Buzz to The beat of U If Only U hear Beyond Ur Call
The Butterflies Like Ghostly Faint Tippy Toe Flutters
Whisper to each Their Freedom In a Colorful Light Splash
Crickets So Loud Entering On Inner Light and sound Recognition

Be Still My Friend In the Woods of Wants and Needs
Embrace Ur Full Blossom Being
Enhance All That U R
Like Galaxy of Northern Star

U Be Well In The Woods of Charm
Be Well In Ur own Skin
Be Well My Friend

Look Within Deap Again
The Woods Spreads Our Deap Soul Call
Caressing Every Need Every Spring Smile
Every Happiness of Moment Flutters In All

Look Deap Within Here Again
Deap Within There Again
Rabbit Peeps Gentle Eye Touching Soul
So Look Again Deaply Deap

Again Look Within



Chance per See Inside New Born Pangs I Might Cry
Pounce In The Night No One Sees Inside this Child

I Embrace This I have The Power WITHIN
I Took IT Back Now I Share This With a GRIN

Oh Old Man GRUMBLE U So HUMBLE Today It's true

Darling Dearest Flittering U U R Dancing HUM GRIN BLUES
Not Bad for a Baby A Rummbly One Teeth Chews

U Trying To Say I'm TEETHING ??
I am NICE to U Today - Maybe I Bypass The Pumble

U ALWAYS Come Across Nice Kind
Just to See I I Am Still Growing
U Grumbly Mot BOT FLOP !!

There U Happy Nopw My Child? Back In Ur Piggy Mud ?
PiGGy Happy Mud- Pie Feast Would U Spare a SPUD ?

Don't Play Games aGAIN !! not ToDAY Old Man
I Thought U Really LIKED Me But All I see is PAN
Don't Start me On Our Trails the BOOKS U Crashed Over me
The Elvin Duties Never Spoken Of Unless I Bring Up U See

The Helperz and the Cleanerz ..
The Duster Dust off Dream Catcher Plights
The Airconditioning Unconditional I May be
But Don't Forget The Woman In Me

A Nice Shut Up If I May ..

I'm Pulling Ur Leg yes Once Again
to Warmm Ur Toes In May I Say ..
This Old Man Says
Have a Blessed Day


You Keep Me In AWE !!!!
But I'm Climbing OFF ..

The ...



We Crossed The Universe To Meet Again
To Be In Harmony ...
We Crossed Each Other's Paths To Be Again
Ain't Life Uncanny ...

We Never Thought We'd Ever Make It Thru
The Windy Road to Where We Are
We Always Wondered What Our Lives Would Bring
And Here We Are Today Yeah Here We Are

We Crossed The Universe To Meet Again
To Be In Harmony ...
We Crossed Each Other's Paths To Be Again
Ain't Life Uncanny ...

Did U Ever Give Up On Life
Did U See The Light at the End of The Tunnel
Did U Ever Give In and Cry
The tears Got Me Thru The Tunnel

We Crossed The Universe To Meet Again
To Be In Harmony ...
We Crossed Each Other's Paths To be Again
Ain't Life Uncanny ...

Magic Words Were Don't Give Up Don't Give
Never Give Up No Don't Give Up Don't Give Up Don't Give
Never Give Up No Don't Give Up

We Were Meant To Be Life Can Be So Cruel Somtimes
And At The End of the Day Life can be So Awesome

We Were Meant To Be We Were Meant To Be
We Were Meant To Be We Were Meant To Be
We Crossed The Universe To Meet Again
To Be In Harmony ...
We Crossed Each Other's Paths To Be Again
Ain't Life Uncanny ...
To Be In Harmony ...
Ain't Life Uncanny .. Here We Are
Ain't Life Uncanny .. Here We Are
Ain't Life Uncanny ..

My BUB n I ................... <3 <3 <3 MINKY !!!


HEY !!!

HEY !!!!
I got this Thing Spinning Round Inside me
U got this Thing spinning Round U Got me
U spinning Tunes That U Know Entice me
I Got this Thing Spinning Round Inside

Don't Try To Understand Every Cranny Nook U See
Coz Even I am Amidst My Prose never Knowing a wot is comming

I Got this Thing Spinning Round It Guides me
Hey! U Got a Buzz going On That BRINGS ME SMILES!!!

We Got This Thing Running Round Inspire me
U !!!!!
U Know U The Smiles That bring are PLENTY
Keep On Grooving Like No Tomorrows


I Got this Thing Spinning Round Inside Me



Prancing In the Middle
Of the Ever Love Cruise
Commie come The Love Blues
We fall To Hum

Enhancing every Fiddle
Collecting All That We Choose
Following the Hum News
We fall to Hum

Dreams Ground Surprises nothing Like Good Dreams
Revealling More of How We be and feel in any given Time
Extremes take on Flightness Nothing Like a Good Stream
Appealing More To How we Desire to Ride The wave To Heaven

Glancing Soul We Dribble
Drooling Thirst for Holy Tools
In a Blink we the Eyes Knew
We fall To Hum

Don't Stop the Journey Now When did it Begin
So So Long Long Ago so Long Ago Was there a Beginning
Commie come The Love Blues Following the Hum News
In a Blink we the Eyes Knew We fall To Love
In a Blink we the Eyes Knew We fall To Hum Love
In a Blink we the Eyes Knew
We ...

Fall To Hum ...



Watch u Watch me Watch me Watch U
I Watch the Watching of this true

True be Truthful Trully True U
Truth be Ever Open Sesseeme

Love Thy Neighbor :)
Loving The Best of of one's self do we Give
Everybody do this we do this we Learn Love n Live

Give a little Deaper ..
Strive to be the Best that We can
Becoz we can we have this Choice
This we do This is Rejoyce

Love Thy Lepper
This once I thought I Was
Be Receptor
This be All for all Ours Mine n Urs

There is Always Room in this House of Love
Always More Flowers To be found Garden Heart

Love Thy Mission
This yes I Know u Do

Stay True As u Do
Stay True As U Do
True As U Do ...

As U Do


The Wondererous Light still fresh when baby Born
Soul Entering Here
True Spitiat nature most forgot
Soul Entering Here

The Deapness of This Inner Light
Soul Entering Here
When The Curtain is Shut Light dims so
Yet Open Souls Enter here

We Forget Ancient Roots As Adults
Yet Child memories Soul Enters Here
Sometimes we Can Think Something Wrong
On Waking Soul Enters Here

Light and Sound is REAL
Soul Enters Here
Our capacity to Give and Receive
Enlightens Soul Entering Here

Soul Enters Here



You Might Think me a Little Crazy
You Might Think even me a Little LAZY
Hanging out with me n others Like we all Amazing
It's TRUE U U I'm Moving Along Here

It Could be said that we r Tracing all we Do
Yeah yeah yeah and it's Our Way to get to know Wot We Do
You U U U Know IT it like The Grand Tree Applauds
The Gracey Space Heart Gold Diggin'

Cut Me Slack U say and I Hear U Baby
Coz I am Asking This Of me too
Cut Me Scissor Snap me Baby
I am the Dreaming Soul

Tracing Pacing We Rush Come Slow
Like An ICE- Cream Flavoured We take it Oh OH!
Moving Thru So many Directions This we Know
And The Shade of leaves Cool Us Down

Never think twice We R On Our Paths
Ripely Designed for Evrey Unique Waking Strand
Just keep On Going Every Connection Made
It's like a CRAZY Happy Found NEW Way Oh OH OH!

Cut Me Slack U say and I Hear U Baby
Coz I am Asking This Of me too
Cut Me Scissor Snap me Baby
I am the Dreaming Soul

Cut me some Slack MightY Man In The Sky
Cut me To Pieces I Like the way it newly Weaves
Cut me a Greeting Smile So I can Keep on Passing Smiles galore
Cut me In Half If This is Wot Brings me Home in GOOD Time

Cut Me Slack U say and I Hear U Baby
Coz I am Asking This Of me too
Cut Me Scissor Snap me Baby
I am the Dreaming Soul
Dreaming Soul
Dreaming Soul



Working with The Higher Selves/Soul
Mis-haps in 5 senses Plane Soul Knows
So eazy to Work with when Desire Is for Creator
Creating Openings to More Soul Self Shows

Oh Momentary say wot?
Can Hit yet Flows Straight Thru
All Becoz The Deapest Desire
Is Wot Becons You

Guides we sometimes see
Sometimes Not Know who
This be Message to Look Beyond
Find The Guide In You

Both Twii Twin as Guides will Show
Both Twii Twin Nurture Surroundings
Both Always Gently Push InnerChild
Both Different Tasks Balance Soundings

Is Like for Sure the Long Way Walk
Or Flight if One Might May
Lonely Only On Planet Walk
Yet Not If Serving Each Day

Oh Twii Twii ...

The SONG AZIZ Choice Only One
For No Other Walk Once This Begun
A Walk Now Into Woods Sing Tunes
The Song of Soul IT ...




It Starts with a Feel
Becomes a Thought
Transmits Via Fingers
Child Hands Love Taught

It Moves Inside Another
The Cybor Winds of Whisper
The Feel Becomes Alive
Cybor Tuinnel On the Inner

This Spark Creates a Whirl
And Echoe Hearts Alive
More Added Sparks The Universe
The Now The We The Light

Our Vehicles We Reside In
The Instruments we R
Rolling with This Vibe Of LOve
It Starts Within Our Hearts




When The Rain Falls n Beats upon ur Eyes
And ur Hair Feels So Heavy Carrying Ups n Downs Life
Please Believe Me I Found a Hum Inside
And I Share This Hum With U I Am Here With U

When The Sirens Of Beconed Calls Do Tell
So Much writng Upon The Walls Inside Ur Shell
Please Receive me With Opens Arms I Dwell
And I Dwell Inside With U I Am Here With U

When The Weary Their Silent Cries We Hear
It's Just Our needing to Care for Everybody
So Please Be Free In Ur needs to Love Complete
I Am Complete Inside With U I Am Here With U

All the Paths we lived in Desire Dispare
Was it Not Worth It It's Made Us wot we r Today
Is This Not Peaceful The Joy That we have Found
I Am Joy Inside With U I Am Here With U

So Don't Ever Sigh In the Quiet All Alone
U R a Bright n Shining Star
Don't Ever feel like u Walk ur Path Alone
I Am Here Inside With U

I Am Here I Share This Hum
I Am Here I Dwell In Evryone
I Am Complete I Found The Light In Me
I Am Joy I Give for Free
I Am Here With U
I Am Here With U
I Am Here With U