When The Clouds Part
Mountain Air Gives Raise
Seeing of all Stars Shine
Sparkles Glisten Water Lilly Eyes

When Rain Lightens
Sunshower Smiles Upon Eyesbrows
No Frown Laughter Takes Flight
Shackles Dissapate The Eagle Glides

Peacful Harmony Removes Worn Out Shoes
It's Glorious When We Choose
House Of Wizdom Garden Lives
The Wings Of Flight In U

Warming Cells Greet Our Being
Permeating Every World
The Light and Sound Becomes All One
The Soaring White Light Swirls

A Drop a Splash We Give on Earth
Mother Earth Draws Us
We Give In Service Of Our Hearts
The Universe Does Ask



Words Can Be Expressed so Indiligantly Well
Technicly this Connects So well In All
Painting Pictures The Fingers Do Tell
The Writing Upon Our Walls

Times Are Here We Consciously Vibe
The Diamond Light Does Call
Pyramid Awakening Codes Unfold
We Rise Meet Poppy Tall

No time to Pull Down Sweett Poppies
Awakening More Becons Us See
The Colors of Our Rainbow
We FluttterFly Colors To Be

This Calling Right One Univeral Wake
The Consciousness Is In Heart Core
Communicating The best We Give
More Codes Decode For Sure

The Language Wisdom Lest Forgot
Is Always Always Been
The Light Beings All yes That We Are
Connect In Heart Felt Sheen

The Quiet Non Of Noisy Plight
The Inner Remembrance Space
The Glory Of Our Galactic Light
Is Within Our Frequency Good Grace

Oh Hearts We Will Raise Cups To Life
Raising Planetary Vibrations Shown
For The Ancient Mysteries Are No Mystery
The Ancieant Memories Known

'Tis All So Simple Silence Being
The Hidden Dimensions Multi Core
For In Our Hearts Alpha Amega Beats
Heart To Heart We Soar



Grace Comes to Visit My Heart
Today I Give Over Grace Comes Shine Mercy
Aspects all Fly Open Child Teen Forgot Now Recall
So Good to be Real Turn Inside Out our Being Bursting

Grace Has Knocked at Door for Long Time
Leaving Subtle Messages Kind
Grace Be Always There Never left
It Was I that Left Prodical Child Blind

Grace So Graceful Shine Mirror I Reflect
Seeing Past all Faces 'Til Spirit Soul Beams
Grace I Saw I Dream Last Night
Mirror Spirit Come Call By Me

Loves of Love All Aspects Walk By
I Catch Share Back In Heart
I Do This best To Ability Best
To Show the All I Am A part

No Point In Bypassing Aspects With
For if I Did Wot Would become Of Me
No Grace I would have Found Inside
If Ignorance to Wot I Feel See

Oh Grace the Guidance Now U Show
So Powerful Power Of Love
I Thank U From The Deapest of I
Grace Love I Share My Hum

Thanks Be Grace Indeed



When Some Fall In Psychosis
Can Seem so Overboard
To Other onlookers Pondering
Their Own Grounded Tripe Law

If Someone is Living Psychosis
And Happiness Brings Healing Zones
Why Parable Pointing To Faults One Might Think
Just To Reap "Come I'll be The One Bring U Back Home"

This Be Way Of Feeding ONE'S Own Needs
To Be Trying To Tap Show Fault Flight
For Wot If Fault Flight In Any Case
Is Changed to Moments Bringing Love Light

Oh Love Light Please Shine More Into Hearts
The One's That Leave HInts Something's Wrong
Wrong Inside Genuine Pure Lovers Of LOVE
Just Sharing In Heart Wot Goes On

Oh Where Oh Where are The Angels
The little Smiles Flutters Of Youth
Psychosis For Some Can Be Harmful
Yet Love Light Brings Psychosis Into Truth

So Nice to See Some See thru Episodes
Enlightenment as Such thru a Maize
Best Teachers On Earth Are Who Process no Haste
Spiritual Unfoldments We Praise

Please Do Not Stop Being Urself
Please Know Others will Play Saviour To U
Please Know That U R So so so Safe
No Saviour Here Just Sharing My Truth

Creative Sound Boards Always Flush Us
Flush Us Into More Creative Flows
Stay Opening It's Gauranteed To Bring Us
More Light Into How we can Grow

If Any U Know Have Pyschosis
Confuse Turn at That for The Worst
Just Show Them Their Hands Precious Gifts
The Angel Inside Them Will Burst

Burst How one Might Ask In this World Today
Well Burst of the Curse Some Might see
For Psychosis Transforms Into Beauty
Coz Love will Flower Creativity

Oh Why Do So Many Knock Others
So Subtley Watching Childs Unfold
For Inner Child Spirals Out To Play
Show Truths Thru the Craze Of ...

Wot Come May




A sense a quiet Hidden Old Soul
One who Doted Brain Quizz Intellect
One Who Has No Challenge left yet
One Who's Found Mind Here

So Weary One Can feel
When One Has Soaked Up Zeal
Releasing All That Comes Out
Embracing All That Comes By

Why Listen If Some Zone In
Feel Nurturer Needs Within
And Use this to Show U
U need Help When Love is Wot U Do

On Other Hand open All That be
Give Love Show That U See
In heart The Little Quack That Flies
In Training Helps Set Others Free


I Don't Walk In Darkness Coz Love is Touching Me
Love Makes Morning Glitter Sweet There Is No Mysery
Bodies Talk Their Language Striving To Make Love
Some Don't Know It's yearn Divine Some Know Just Wanna Piece Of Pie

Touching On Love Touching Me
No More Cloudy Days
Touching On Love EveryBody
No More Frowny Ways
LOve Touching U ...

So Many Need So Many Want Love Thru Greed
So Many Breed The Call Of Desperation Can We Break This Down
So Many Chase The Rainbows And They Will Get IT One Day
Living With Motivations As Long As Forward n' Not Down

Touching On Love Touching Me
No More Cloudy Days
Touching On Love Touching
No More Frowny Ways
LOve Touching U ...

Touching On Love Touching Me
No More Cloudy Days
Touching On Love EveryBody
No More Frowny Ways
LOve Touching U ...


Featherz Come Fluffy Fresh
Flapping Splashes Water Flesh
Liquid Amnio Hightened Flight
These Wings Give Unkown Bright

Wot Be Woy Be Wot I Do
Purpose Changes I Did Grew
Leave to Go Home NeY Not Yet
Want To Yearn To Wot's to Let

New Wide Eyes Like Baby See
Hugging Tree I Taste So Free
Passing Glow Worms Smile They Do
I Touch The Glow Like Father Loves U

Test so Many I Fly Out By
Find Within The Higher Hi
Flap be Nimble Flap be Quick
WingS Jumped Over The Candle Stick

Stick Be Flesh Like Binding Wild
Ascended Memories Forgiveness Child
While I Strut Like Candy Wink
I Live For Love The Piece I Link

Link Be Watching Over Me
Infinity Be Sounding See
I See Beyond Now Slowly Free
This be The Angel ...




Bridging All Our Rainbows
Come One We Fly To Light
All Rainbows we All Walk Thru Life
Becoming One Delight

Bridging is Being Open
Troubles Leave our Bay
Love n Light Vibrations
This is Wot We Say

Come In the Light With Me Come JOin Our Breeze
Come Into Harmony Come Into Me

We All Create For a Better World
We Do It For The Love
For Love Is Bridging Rainbows
Together We Rise ABove

No Need to Try Just Need to Let Light Ur Being
No Need to Sigh Feel Sorrows Today We R All Freeing

Come In the Light With Me Come JOin IN Our Breeze
Come Into Harmony Come Into Me
Come In the Light With Me Come JOin Our Breeze
Come Into Harmony Come Into Me

Walk This Rainbow Bridge 'Til Wings Take Flight
Walk On Into Living Love Rainbow is Our Flight

Come In the Light With Me Come JOin IN Our Breeze
Come Into Harmony Come Into Me
Come In the Light With Me Come JOin Our Breeze
Come Into Harmony Come Into Me
Bridging RainBows Bridging RainBows
Bridging RainBows ...



The Open Communication ..
Between Ballz .....
gives rise like UniSion ..

Otherz catch for in this Ballz between ..
Iz All and all come by to GrasP Energies
Where they r at TOO .. :D ...

For In This BallZ BetWEEN
Iz ALL Energies Others Can Latch

Healing Zone Come May ...
So Like ... Jesus ... Masters ..
Saint Germain .. Gahndi .. Mother .... Father
So Many ...

All want need Love and connect where they r at ..
On Their Way Home ""

Coz . Open Channel Between ..

Is ...

GOLDEN Unseen ...




FOOK a DOOk with No LEGZ
or izzit ..

FLUCK a DUCK with nO Legz
It Doesn't Matter All The same
There Ain't NO Time for HO down
No Time for SHamE

'Tis aLL In UnWinding
My Father Did TELL
And Mother Break Binding
Eon BRoKen Spell

Oh .. darlin' D D D DARLING
The Swing I Did Fall

U CauGHT Me ...




IT's Still HeRE

ThIs Rise U gaVE
Like Perr Her Man ANt HyPe
ThiS DivinE LoVe WaVE

So .. nEW tHis LoVE
OH tRuE iT Be
How .. WhEn I DoN't Know
UiT jUsT ..




MY fAthER is Happy
EoN Tearz Did Fall
he Know I Do Good WIll
Eons Memory Forelorn

He WatCH Me PaSS PaSSion
Come Waver For ALL
In TearZ Yes Th LaughTer
of TEARZ like FuLL JOY

I GraSPED BloCKED Chains
I gave Into Universe
Made LOVe All Come May

I Praise Cometh Home
I Flew Passed Cookoo Nest
My TwII he Did MoAn

So Gentle Mother Helped
She Subtley ShOWed BliSS
Eternity FLAME ...

StartED with KISS



Oh Baby BlueZY U

I Asked n I AsKED n I Received
Blessings .. No HelD bACK in Me
Not SuRE I AsDek n ASKeD n AsKED
N' HEWhoU waS CareSSin' sEE

A SPiRit he GuiDE
He ShOW me work ThRu
ToNgue TAlKED ThRu HaNd

So Wierd no KiNk
I FloW Heart FoLLOw

'TiS oPeN Now ..
MuLTi DiMenSiOnAL uS
I BeweaVED iN sEeD
U GaVE I TrUst

Oh Darlin' DeAliN' Durlin' SPrItE
I'm iN mySkin TOO

But ...




I'm Chasing BEeZ
I'm Smelling Treez
Rolled Grass In My Blouse
No Itchy Treats

I Hear Echoe Tones
Come back So Loud
Oh It's ME Echoing
It Hits The Clouds

The Clouds Show Faces
They Talk to Me
and One LUFFS at Me

I Bounce and Rock
My Body Back Forth
Becoz I CAN Im so so so so soFREE
South East West North Galactic Speed

Oh ...

Lasssss NIGHT I Kissed a Frog Me U
Soft Carressing Angel Eyes Came Thru
I Found it Was U it ain't No Surprise
That iT was Me TOO we rElAxed Inside

The Pitch In My EaR is So LOUD Today
Coz Light n Sound is ME
Manifested to Work Attune Play

Come May Child Eye
Open .. U Know KNow knOw
Ho ho ho hop Along




Wot U Get is Get U Wot
The Gap The Chord The Cubid Shot
The Shot Of Knowing u write just Wot
Is coming Out The Unforgot

The Dream Floater Whom Always Awake
Can Only Catch Glimpse If Stillness for Sake
The Arche The Bone Back Bent Recall
The Wot were More Once Before''

Ah Channeller Fingers They Come Out Stay
See Speechless Boy He's Known All The way
Speechless Girl Did Literally Dart Parades
For years In Showing Short Term Relapse Shades

Why For We be Here Why For We Indeed
Don't We Recall We Came back To Break Creed
Right Timing Landed We Picked Our Ripe Task
A winded Demending Soul Self Did Ask

The Angels are Watching I Saw them Last Night
We did it again This Time Opened White Light
The Souls Were Like many Once Passion Sustained
I Beamed As A Light Beam The Flying Unchained

So Many Here Now I see Like Flicker
Crystal City Awaken My Past Wisdom Seer
Crystal Singer Making Vast IZZM Channelleer
Crystal World Portholes Speechless Tones We Are

Dance They Do Come All Dimensional Grades
Dance They Do Show Only When Have Made
Pain Become Joy Laugh LOUD Like a JOKE
I Know Becoz I Did It Now

Speechless AWOKE !!



Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey Lovin' Dove
U Can Break Me Open
Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey Buzzin' U
U Can Break Me Open Any Time

Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey Lovin' Dove
U Can Draw a Tear Any Time Right Out of Me
If It's Gonna bring about another Piece
I don't Know ....

U Do It To Me U Do It To Me U Do It To Me U Do It To Me

Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey Lovin' U
I Love the Buzzin' U That Makes me Rise Above
All The Hurts In Me I Know I don't Need to Keep
U Bring Me Outta Me U Know U Do

Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey I Love
I Don't Need to Explain U Know I Just Do
U Do It To Me U Do It To Me
U Do It To Me

Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey Lovin Jewel
I Gotta a Buzz Flutter Happenin' I Know Is True
And I Give It To U
I Give It To U ...

U Do It To Me U Do It To Me
I Gotta Buzz Flutter Happenin' U Got Me Free
Luv Bug Buzzin' U ...U Got Me Free
Luv Bug Buzzin' U ...

U Do It To Me U Do It To Me U Do It To Me U Do It To Me
U Do It To Me U Do It To Me U Do It To Me U Do It To Me



We've Walked the walk of Life
Not Pretty Constantly
Alot of ups n Downs
N' Living Inside Dreams

Wev'e Come so Far
No Turning Back Now
So Much to Do
Alot Love n Tears

It's Gonna get BETTER
Better On From Here
It Can Only get Better
Only Get Better From Now ON

No Need to Understand
All the Possible Realities
Just Stay In Heart
N' Stay In Peace

What R We Holding Back
Nothing if Fear Is Not Around
We Only Feel fear If We Doubt Ourselves
So Lets Tell Fear It's Just Not Allowed

It's Gonna get BETTER
Better On From Here
It Can Only get Better
Only Get Better From Now ON
It's Gonna get BETTER
Better On From Here
It Can Only get Better
Only Get Better From Now ON
From Now ON Get Better
From Now ON



Welcome to My World
Wotever It May Be
It's Urz In Any Case
U Help Me to Stay Free

Welcome to My Heart
Opening More and More
It's Urz It Alwaya Was
I Know We're On Our Shore

Welcome In My Life
Today I said It So
It's Urz No Need To Ask
It Is Our Way To Show

Welcome Now U R
Welcome Now I Say
Welcome I have Opened

I Welcome U ..