Walking to The Lollie

Why Did I walk to Eat Lollie
The Kindness They Showed Quiet Me
No Violence Did happen In That Place
Like Home I did Cop Mysery

Oh Lollie I Thought was Their Kindness
Oh Lollie Did tell me Not Tell
Oh Lollie I Ate with My Blindness
Oh Lollie I Thought was Not Hell

Confusing This Lollie I Needed
A Child I was young Secret Stung
Thisi Lollie Was Symbol Say Nothing
Reward to Be Quiet Tell None

So Frightened In Home Anger Swipe Me
So Violent The Keeper Of Me
So Scared I Would Run To My Lollie
And Hide Feel The Love Shown To Me

I Look Back and See In This Lollie
A Symbol Of Such Secrecy
I Now See The Pity In Knowing
The Wrong In Them Touching Me

Oh Why Did I Fall for That Lollie
'Oh Why Did I Not See The Cause
Effect that a Child I was Taken
In Sexual Abuse That It Was

Nobody To Tel Me The Love Shown
Was Breaking The Spiritual Law
A Child I was Beaten and Scoulded
The Sexual Abuse I Ignored

So Wot Is The lesson In Lollie
A Secrecy Attached to This Bait
Realise That The Love Shown Did Bind Me
To Silence In Keeping This Shame

No Violence This Love I Did Not Know
Was Worse In So Many Odd Ways
For Lollie To Me Now is Breaking
The Silence In Telling This Day

I Never Can Eat of That Lollie
In Dreams I did Chase to See Why
And Now I Share Don't Take a Lollie
If Touching In Spots Are The Tie

Why Did I Not See It was Wrong
Why Did It take so so so Long
To See That My Secrecy Held
Was Not Love ...

It Was Child Abuse All Along



Beautiful Colors
Added to my Rainow
Beautiful Colors
Butterflies Reign and Show

Beautiful Colors
Turn Us Into One Big Rain Bow
Beautful Colors
Butterflies We Dance a Glow

Beautiful Rainbow
Everybody Here We Know

We R Beautful We R Rainbows
Fly Like Butterflies Into Our Rainbow

Beating Our Wings
We Fly In Sync

Beautiful Colors
Yes We Are

Vibing High
Beautiful Colors



I Can't Do The Things I want to do ALL On My Own
I Need Friends Like Me Cheeky Ones To get Me Thru
I've Done Most alot On My Own Maybe I'm Wrong
But It sure does Feel that way when I Look Behind my Trails In Life

So ThanK U My Friend for Playing the Clown
Thank U My Friend For Clownin' Around
Thank U My Buddy Lets Go Down Town
I'll wear a Dress and BOOTS n Chill With UUU

Nothing In This World Is Done alone it Takes a Few of us
Nothing Happens on It's own U Gotta Clue with Us
I'l get Of My Butt For U Some More There's Enough of Us
Took Me many Rounds In Life to see the Light INU In Me
So MUCH In Us ...

So ThanK U My Friend for Playing the Clown
Thank U My Friend For Clownin' Around
Thank U My Buddy Lets Go Down Town
I'll wear a Dress and BOOTS to Chill With UUU

Soo Sad when we as Humans Think we Walk Alone
A Crowded Room I was Alone Alone !!!! That Ain't So Now !!

So ThanK U My Friend for Playing the Clown
Thank U My Friend For Clownin' Around
Thank U My Buddy Lets Go Down Town
I'll wear a Dress and BOOTS to Chill With UUU

Thank U My Friend Play The Clown For Me Again
I'll Wear A Dress and BOOTS To CHILL With UUU
CHILL With UU ...

Thank U My Friend
Thank U My Friend
Thank U My Friend



Oh CHILD Listen UP
I don't SNEEK I just ChEEK :)
I'm Playing ALL Fields
so don't u Dare FREEK:

Oh Mutterer PLOOTHE
U Play with Child I
When I'm on The LOOSE

Where r my BOOKS Child
Where ur MANNERZ
GO Fetch me a CuppA
Go Make Me Some Bannerz

yES I DO Like to TWEEK
It Helps U Let GO

Well Light Me a MATCH
So I Can Light Candle
and HOLD it to U

I Want to SEe FACE
The One THIS Life Time
I''ve Seen So sO MANY
A Life of LIFE Times

If U Come to SPILL

I'll Clean More Ur TEA CUP
and For ONCE Make U *OU* Drinkz

Deserve One TOO Don't I ?




I don't OverRIDE U
U Play Stir BLOP Me TRails TRUE
U SNEEEK with Ur BLUEZZY Messages
All OVER Like U Think I can't SEE

U Know How I FREAK when U Choose
To PUSH mme n PUSH me to SEE where I Am
and Now U Want ME To Play BLUEZZ

Oh ! U Do Go On Girl U say I DO
Well I CAN I am Master This Game
So Dwell All U Like HOP inSide Me
We'll Play On The INNer no Shame

Come Walk In me Feel BELLY JUMBLING
Come Talk Show Me MORE who U R
NO Books U Need Clean Today My Child

OOH! CharM U Say ?? Charm?
Wot Charm do U Spread I Chase
So Wot's Wiv da SWINGING Air On MY own





When we r not well a label for wot's not well can be found
When we focus on being not well we miss the Light and Sound
When we know this .. We start to become free
I know this ..

I have illness or is it GIFT :)

I wish U WELL and that Ur Gift Given
Becomes Ur Shining Light
Becomes Ur way Of Loving One's self More

Sista ...

Love is all There is
yet Still We as Humans Dance the Flight
Ascensions Descension

But wot do we Learn
We learn to See Feel Hearts of Pure Intention

Like the heart I am Writing to ..




Peeking Travelling Alone
Zen a QuaLity Pearl Stood All One
Bent at The seems I still Turned to Catch his Shine
He was a Blind Man with Eyes Wide Open

Zen Quality Pearl Beholder I Behold U In My Arms
I will Always Lay me Down Beside U
Ur a Pearler to Me

It Don't Seem Right to do Much
Ur In Ur Zone and Falling Falling
One Day all the Other Showered Ways
Will See Into U All the Things that U Do

Zen Quality Pearl Beholder I Behold U In My Arms
I will Always Lay me Down Beside U
Ur a Pearler to Me

Clicking is Eazy All The Blue Bell Cockel Shells Apeaar In Order
Doesn't Mean We Get It In Every Way This Life
Just Get IT For Wot It's Worth
Doesn't mean We GET IT OnThis Earth

Lilac Seems to come to Mind When U R Thinking of Me
That's Becoz I Touch Ur Pearly Body with My Mind we r SO Free

Peeking Travelling Alone
Zen a QuaLity Pearl Stood All One
Zen Quality Pearl Beholder I Behold U In My Arms
I will Always Lay me Down Beside U

Lilac Seems to come to Mind When U R Thinking of Me
That's Becoz I Touch Ur Pearly Body with My Mind we r SO Free

Ur a Pearler to Me Ur a Pearler to Me Ur a Pearler to Me
Ur a Pearler to Me Ur a Pearler to Me Ur a Pearler to M



Tossing Ideas Playing with Language
U Take a Lyric Change to New Meaning
Same meaning really yet Cleverly another Language

Portuguese changed to Other languages
Back to Portuguese Again Wow Wow
Takes us on a Mystical Trail Mr Language Man
Wow Wow wo wo wo wOW !

U Change the Words To Brazilian
Then Change to English for Flair
Oh The Words Just Keep On Moving
It Grabs Attention whilst One's There

Is It a way for Universe
To Show us more Hidden Worlds
More Meaning to a Lyric or Poem
Like One Big Cozmic Curl

The Way The Shapes of Words Change
Bring FLUTTERY Pay Attention VIbes
I Love This World Of Language
Messages of Moving Time


OoH Language New Ways New Play Games
These Games do Stimulate
Rise Hi We Can into PlayTime Gems
Bring Language To Our Gate

Once Open let Language WithIN us
Via Open Child Like Eyes
Our Lyrics Poems or wotEVER
Will Start to More Come Alive

Talk To Us .... a New !!

Moving Language



U Got Me Chuckling All the Time I can't Wait to Share Soda
Share a Soda With U
I Love the way We Laugh U Know u Make Me Laugh So Much U Blow
Blow a Kiss of Language Over Me From U

I Never Know wot's Coming Out It's In The Air U Make me Shout
I Wanna Share a Soda With U

We Live Inside Each Other Coz We're Home Ya Know Inside Ya Know
Home INU In Me In Me InU

Don't Ever Stop Opening I Love This Vibe Oh yes It's True
I Love This Vibe U KNow It yes U Do

A Soda With a Kiss of Language
U Make me Shout
Home INU In Me In Me InU

Don't Ever Stop U Know I Love This Vibe
Inside Each Other Coz We're Home Together
Home INU In Me In Me InU



I AM Mutter Splutter Putterer
I Hear Ur Flutter slow DOWN there Child !!
I Putt along and Watch U Close
The Signs Show ME Ur Going Wild


Not U aGAIN U Grumpy Old Fart
I Cleaned Ur Shelves The Elves All the Charts
U Damn Well KNOW I'm Hood-Winked SMITTEN !!
So STEP Aside I Ain't No KITTen

Silly Child U Still haven't Learned
U Need to PACE Ur New Found Burn

So WOT OVIT Mutterer U Spluttering Old Concern

MWHAHAHAHAHahahahaha!! Don't Snap Up At Me
U'll Always Need Me I'm U Remember Twii

Oh! That's Right I Recall Our Last Talk On This
So Wot's with The Puttering Ur Cocky LUFFS with Bliss

Well .. See I am So Wise I See Ur Child Eyes
But I Am More PACED My Hidden Dimension Disguised
Tap Into me More and U Find This Door
For I know The Way To help U to Soar More


U Always Give me an Inch N' U KNOW I'll Take Mile
It's In My Childhood Make-Up It's Part of My Childish STYLE !!!

Just Let Me RUN For a While ... Just PUTT Along U MInd CLUTTERER !!

And Leave Me To FLUTTER !!!
in PEACE ...

U ...




Hey Dawn I Am Undressed
I Am in High Moon I Hope Forever
Remember to Tuck Me Ur Shine
'n I Will Stay Forever Open

Hey Dawn so Dark Last Night
I Knew U'd be There To Keep Me Together
Remember U Birthed me from the Inside
Now I Will Be Forever Open

La la la la la la al al Spark Me With a Shine
La la la la la la al al Spark Me With a Shine
I Love Ur Light ur Mine

Hey Dawn I Walked Asleep
Not My Fault Tho I Kept Walking On In The Night
Remember U Told Me Long Ago
There Would be a Time I'd be Forever Open

La la la la la la al al Spark Me With a Shine
La la la la la la al al Spark Me With a Shine
I Love Ur Light ur Mine
La la la la la la al al Spark Me With a Shine
La la la la la la al al Spark Me With a Shine
I Love Ur Light ur Mine
I Love Ur Light Hey Dawn
I Love Ur Light Hey Dawn
La la la la la la al al Spark Me With a Shine
La la la la la la al al Spark Me With a Shine
Now I Will be Forever Open ...



Giant Movement Pebbles Dropped
Turn To Liquid On The Spot
Boyzzz and Girlzzz Look Wink Wave Flags
Oh By Golly Gosh We All Hold Hands

Zoning Moaning Pains for World
We try To Lift Each Others Twirls
So Much The World Needs Peace a Chance
So Play we Will Lets All Hold Hands

The Greed The Speed the Need The Weeds
The Governments Need to Hear This Plea
The Sour Management All Fight To Stop
LIve On I say Hip Hop ... Not Chop

Oh Lennon John Lady Yoko Knew
Give Peace A Chance
Lead By ...

Example ... to Choose

Together We Can LIFT Lift UP
Play Dance Our Tune

Keep It UP !!



We've Been Doing This Dance
Picking up On Every Move Made Possible
Cybor Energy Astral All the way To Ethric
U've Been Leaving Trails Cheeky Wise Pepper Peppic!

I Have Up Down Left Right HI Low Hello YELLO :)
I Been All OVER the Place In My Dreams
Energy Kundalini Spooling OOh !! Hot Spots Stawberries

Still I have so Much a Curious Chuckler Elf
U Fascinate ME never a Dullness in Air or On Shelf
I Feel It all the Time Dropping Guard Some MOre
The Grazing Days R Over I feel Like PEPPER Corn

So Sensitive Inner Nipple Ears
So Pounding Heart I LUFF with Cheers
So Astounding Good Grace Arrives
So Grounding Balancing Us Out So Wise

Still Appropriately I Sing to ALL
But Most of All Let Down My Wall

This wall I thought I Chipped Away
'Til U came Along and ...

Made My Day




Life Chances the More We open UP !
Don't Lose Sight of Staying OPEN!

GEEEEEEEEZ !! Who Would Ever have Imagined
Where I Am Now ...

Looking Back Childhood Secret Plays
Oh I Played In Secret Secret Friends Fluffy Astral Toys
Now I Play For real In REAL Time Joys

I Can Still See My Fluffy Friends In Sync
They Have been with me since SMALL !!
OOh! How Lucky I AM to Have Kept
Imagination of it All

Coz .... IT's REAL !! n I Got so Mucha ZEAL !
For I Hid My Child With Wings


It's Not My Fault I was Seen As Crazy
Crazy Child Whom Talked to Angels

They R HERE !! and Some GUIDE Me and U !
They r FREE Test Piloting Me

I Am Back ! Into Myself
NO More back Burner Upon Thy Shelf!

NO More I AM Listening
To All In My Field

I AM ...

Breaking Down This Shield



Brothers and Sistars
In the House of Love
In This Garden ...

So Many Come Out and Greet and Meet
So many Join In Hands Together We are a Treat
So Many Give Love Unconditionally
Where Have I been In This Mystery

So Many have Trouble yet Still Shine Their Light
So Many make Double In Giving Their Sprite
So many Have Taken me Into Their Heart
So many I Give Love Now I Know This is Art

Art Be The Talent In Knowing One's Self
Expressing with Hands the Stories Do Tell
The Biggest Talent I see On This Earth
Is Communication a Love Well Deserved

Clap Hands Together We All Clap with Joy
For We The Children R Spreading A HOy
Hugz for The Needy Embraces We Give
Aren't We All Making Our Love Peace We Live

Peace is So Heavenly When Sorrows Transform
Together We Stand ...

In This Garden So Warm


Wot happens next ..
U Have been Nurturing me thru a Maize
I Feel So Excited Crazy in This Love Nest

Wot happens Now ..
U Have made me face so Much of Myself
Like I am a Little Live Wire a Little Elf

Wot happens How
Oh How Is Something I Just Follow My Heart
Isn't This Wot I did from the Start

They Say That if One wants to look carefully at where One Is at Now
Look at When One Started The Journey to get To Know where One Is At

Oh .. I am Just a Simple Complex Being
Just a Girl Sitting behind a Computer
Poring My Heart out Fears Likes Dislikes Loves

Why R We Here
Oh ..I ask That Question Alot
I Give Life My Best Shot!

Where Do We Go from Here
Where IS Here ...

Oh! It Is Right Here In The Now

POWOW Yessy Yes Pleez
Pleez Don't Teez ..

I'm Just a Simple Complexed Girl
Doing This Thing In Tune with The Universe

O.K ..

TEEEZ a Little :)


Ur Voice I cannot Wait
Falling Falling In Love

Ur Eyes I cannot wait
Falling Falling In Love

Melting Melting Slowly
Falling Falling in Love

Moving Moving Knowing
We got so Much to Do n Share
I just Know it

Ur Hands oh They r So Sweet They talk
A Language everybody Can Feel

Ur Movements Moving Like an Angel
N' Everybody's waiting to see

Ur Falling Into Who u r to be wot to Do
Ur falling Falling In LOve
With U n' with UUUUUUUUUU !!!!

'n I'm SO Happy for U
Coz I'm ...

Falling Too



All the Little Orphans on the Plate of My Heart
All the Little Critterz U Seem to be Taming
All the Little Singers Beam Sittin' up Straight
All The Time We've Been Playin'

Take me to The Garden ...

I ....

Lead me Ur Fantasies Coz ... I
When U Feel us Right ...


Coz ....

I ... I ....ah .. ey .. iy ... oy .. uy


Just Becoz



Clickety Click ??
So Wot I Am Fine
Clickety CLock
This Fabric Design

Too Much Information
I Grin Clicking Clicks
Clickety Click CLock
In the Core of The Matrix

Moving My Whole Being Unseen
Unseen I Move to this Tick
Ticking OOh Butterfly Heart Throbs
Mellowing Calm Felt In Sync

Clickety Clackety Clicko Click Click
I Clack to the Clickety Tune

I AM ...

Clicking A Slow To Shore U

Clickety Me Clickety U
In This Fabric Design





Thanks For Running Thru Moi
Thank U For So Far

Thank U For Assistance
Thank U For My LIFE
Thank U For The Butterflies
All The Lovely SPLICE

Paddle POP Flavours Sticks MULTI LIX Same
Who's The Flavours Childhood Flames
White Light Violet Surges Thanks To U


I LOVE U ...



Yippy yIPPY YAY !
Count me IN TODAY
Drawing Out The Colors Wide
Channelling All Just Come INISIDE

Wot's Ur MOVE I got None
It's Just A Flow I had Begun
Wot's Our Chill CHILLING Blaze
I Love This LIFE I's Such a Maize

Oohey CHOOWEY I Chew GUM with U
Making LOVE Like Never Before
Wot's the next Phase I Want Some More

Who GO's There Another Character Within

Working So Hard On EeeZY Street
I LOve Playing My INstruements Each Time we Meet
Yo GO Now Bro U Iz On a Cozmic ROLL
I LOVE This Show We Make as We Stroll

Strolling Along ...
A Million to One Song
Nothing Can STOP Us Now
As We ...




I Don't need to Hide NOTHIn' :)
Coz I'm a RAW Kind of RAW Like Baby
I Don't Need to Hold BACK These Days
I Am A RAW Child Cozmic Like BABY !!!!

I Don't Need to Cave IN :)
I Gotta a Drive so Hard for LIfe It's My Duty!
I Don't Need to Pay Dues
I Am a Cozmic baby In Tune with U

I Don't Need to Fight For Flight
I Am Flower The Sun Just Loves Me
I don't Need to Understand wot U Do
'Coz I am Raw as a New Born Baby!

I Got a Raw Hide
And I'm Slidng All Over U
U R My Baby OILING Moi
OiloiloilOiling Me Baby Down True

Coz I Don't need to Hide NOTHIn' :)
Coz I'm a RAW Kind of RAW Like Baby
I Don't Need to Hold BACK These Days
I Am A RAW Child Cozmic Like BABY !!!!

I'm The Raw Kind Baby as Raw as U'll Ever Taste
I'm The Raw Kind Baby as Raw I Am Ur BABY !!!
I Am So Raw and I Roar with U
I Am The RAW KInd Baby .... !!!!



Chocolate Chocolate Tiger Panting
Chocolate More I let The Tiger Soar
He is My Hero Today I'm Zero
He is My Hero Today I'm Zero

He's an Eagle With an Eyefull
A Heart Of Gold to Die For
Gimmi Ur Hand To Touch Me Baby
He is My Hero Today I'm Zero

Tiger Tiger Panting Baby
TEDDY BEAR Moves Mommo Pappa Baby
Brother of My I am Ur Lady
He is My Hero Today I'm Zero

My Book Is So Full Of Laughter
The Chapters Just keep On Rolling On
My Story is Stories Of Many Iv''e done it My Way
And I got Plenty To Give Away

Chocolate Chocolate Tiger Prancing
Chocolate More I let The Tiger Roar
He is My Hero Today I'm Zero
He is My Hero Today I'm Zero

He's a Healer Rainbow Warrior Light Shows
Heart Of Hearts That's The way His Heart Goes
He is My Hero and Today I'm Zero
Gimmi Ur Hand To Touch Me Baby

He is My Hero Today I'm Zero He is My Hero Today I'm Zero
He is My Hero Today I'm Zero He is My Hero Today I'm Zero



A Thought From U
U were Dreaming with Moi Silky Love Like
Sending Hints ...
Yesterday Today It Is Another Day

I was Braved
I Shared a Dark to Light So Bright
U Were Shocked
It Took U Thru a Maize U made It Right

Darlin' Darlin' Darlin'
U Love me so This Friendship neva Stops It Grows
Birthin' Birthin' Birthin' U Say
A King and Queen I Know U like it This way

Ur Dreamin' with Me
Silky Lined with Extacy
N' I'm Dreamin' With U
I Love It when U tell me so Neat

A Thought From U
U were Dreaming with Moi Silky Love Like
Sending Hints ...
Yesterday Today It Is Another Day

I was Braved
I Shared a Dark to Light So Bright
U Were Shocked
It Took U Thru a Maize U made It Right

Ur Dreamin' with Me
Silky Lined with Extacy
N' I'm Dreamin' With U
I Love It when U tell me so Neat

Ur Dreamin' with Me Ur Dreamin'
I'm Dreamin' with U I Am Dreamin'
Darlin' Darlin' Darlin'
Birthin' Birthin' Birthin' U Say

Ur Dreamin' with Me Silky Extacy
N' I'm Dreamin' With U I Love It when U tell me so



I Am So Blessed

It is to be sure That I write all that Flows
I do Not write to Pleaze Others
I do not choose wot I write It Just Flows

I Am Blessed for Friends That Care and Allow
I Embrace all Their upsd n Downs Wings Spreading
I Ambrace All Their Truths and Processes

Friendship Is Eazy With Love
This Be In The Light Vibrations for Enlightment'
This be Small or Big Tests On Learning

Friendship is Something I Cherish
A friend In Need is a Friend a Friend a Friend Indeed
Even When We Sometimes do Not Understand

As We grow and Overcome So Much
We Allow More Light and MORE Light MOre LIGHT
The Light n Love Just keeps Growing
Oh True Love is True Friendship

I am Grateful

I Have U and U and U and U

Cherished Friendships



Sista of Light Did Come Crashing
Lifting above worn out Tunes
All of us have so many Channels
This Be Our Lessons To Come Thru

Gentle Once Rid of Her Passions
Triggers Unnecessary Needs
We Embrace Our Enlightened Love Sharing
We Give she lets Go Gives me Seeds

How Glorious When Love Reigns A Love Strong
Oh Powers Could have Taken Stage
So Happy We made Thru Our Connection
An Oneness Wavers With Praise

My Eyes have Been opened and hers too
Her Wisdom Did Give Knowledge Trust
So Careful Respect Is In Order
Unfoldments We Do as Must

Another Door Entered Was Opened
Another Test Given We Wade
Another Brow Beaten a Butterfly Smiles
We R Sistas ... Lets Rest ..

Welcomes Made



Oh ! Message sent to be Welcomed
A Sharing Of One We Share
An asking to be Invited
To Praise and Learn In There

Message Passed Questioned Queried
Sent to The One we Share
Spirit Triggered via Centre Stage Needs
Come in Closer Spirit says to One Shared

Message is Given Replied Fine
Shared One Opens Shows Love
Triggeres The Other Agenders Surface
Zoning Like Opposites Above

Reaching Telep Lines Sent Passion
Spirit Control Games So Strong
Innocent not Knowing The Game Hidden
I Open to Listen to Name Dropped

This gave way to a Clear Psyche Line
Forced Power Will Power to Prevail
Spirit Colors Did Surface
Hidden Ageners Show Triggered Trails

Poltagiest Antics a Test Thrown
Spirit was Pawn In This Night
Knowledge She Gives is The Only Link
This be Forgot in Her Flight

Memories I recall I could See Her
Leaving Herself Open to Fire
I Could Fight Fire for Power if I Chose
But Love is my Only Desire

Choosing This Gives Light On Learning
Issues of Other's Personal Gains
Not Mine to be Taking In Power Games
For Trust Love is Wot I Let Reign

Flash in a Flash This all comes By
Just as I write this To U
So Happy Respect I will Come By
To Share This is The Way That I Choose

Open Sess See Me I Love
Open Sess See me here
Open Sess See me I Conquer
Love Conquers all In This Sphere




What Brightness Allowed
How Mansion Shows many In Presence
Energy Vibrations Speak Unknown Language
Defining Here is Not so

What Lightness Empowered
How Galactic Home surpasses All Language
Refining Here is Just so

What Shyness Endowered
How Languages Do Transpire Download to Ideas
Entwining Here is Just do

What Way Of Life
Multidimentional Galactic Stream Lead
What is it U Transform
What is It Beyond U Await by Call
Does it Really Matter in World Of Matter

Do U Do What U do to Also Avoid Free Fall
Or R U trully In The Galactic Zone
Or is There Piece Missing XX
Within The World of XX

Is XY Adjacent XX in Deap
Not Risen to Be seen
Or Has One just Not Yet Met Language
Like Complimentary To This Awakened Dream

Is All This Slipped Away To Come
Is Creator Shaping Right Form
Do WE Just Sing Along to This Song
Accepting ...

Complimentary Hum



Oh The Jewel Of Galactic Breeze
The Zeal Distant Close Assisting
Instruemental Openess

The Pike The Ponderer
The Hidden Tears Turned to Golden Gifting
The Story Field Blossomer

KIng Child Prince Knight Lover of Mine
Queen be ney Yes No Kinging U oh Peace Free
Queening With Arrow yes ..be Still Not So

Oh Angel Sowing for All and More Princess Self yes
Mistress ye Be Mister to Me
Youthful Knowing There is More
We R Opening Doors

U be way Beyond Today
Wide Colorful Picture of Life
I be Flowing Along My Way

Falling to The Rise Vibrations Between
I take This Love learning Growing Together
As U Show uR Deck place Galactic 9

I Am Still from Hearts hearts Sleeve
I Am Following This Son Dream
I AM Anciant Whistle Winds Song

I Know I Do Belong



Oh ! :) No FIGHT when Reiki Flows Straight Thru
How Frivolous One can Be
Caught up In the Passion Scope ...

Yeppy Soooo Pleasurably Nice Tho
In The Reiki Flow Hello !!
No Binding Push n Shove oh NO !

Fwunny How One can Kick In Reiki Flow
When Another Needs Divine Source Heal
Yet When One is In Love with Love of Love
Attractions bring on Fight to Flight Wheel

Ooh !! WatchingThe Wheel Within
Spinni Moocha It Does Spin Zing Spin
Awe So Want To Buzz with U Feel yet Fight
But Not With Reiki LEE In The Night

How calming yes .. When One Lets go
The Driving Force Of Passion Flows
So Bigger Charm Divine Unleashes In Joy
When A Third Appears Divine Entrance Holy Oy

YUMMY oh Holy Yummy Yummy All Drops
Drop Of Total Openess Healing Love Bubble Belly POPS
POP Belly POPS of Luscious Delicious Deilcate Butterfly
From Within In Divine Tune Reiki Love Healing Spin Drops

Say ... This is a Gift to become In Tune Allow
No Shoulder Shoulder Fight To Flight Just Trinity in The Hour
Trinity Force we R As One Receiving Giving Sprite
We Beat In Tune We Beat In Love Feel Within This Light



Trails Of Mystery U Leave Ur Cryptic Muse
Ur Hypnosis has Me Running On The Loose
Subtle Gentle Language Spread Ur Wings Over Me
Subtle Gentle Lover U Love So Openly

Tales U Give U See me Knowing I Will Follow
Wizard Vocal Echoes Luring Me Into Ur Hollow
Secret Loneliness U Shield So Strong U Only Give
I'd Rather Be In Hell If I cannot Embrace This Gift

U Give U ask Say Take I Melt Into This Place
I Open open More Carress U do with Garcen

Body's Speaking a New Language I Rise
I Am More than I ever Imagined U Tease me In Disguise
I Know U sit and Dream Love Me Then Take it To the Highest
I Know That In Between We Love to Brush The Rush of Brightness

I Am Falling ... Into Sleeepzzz Hypnotic More More More
I Am Falling ... Into ... Love Working On It's Own
Attraction Bubbles Pop and Pop I Am Sllleeeeppy Over U
Attraction Law Of ah hah .........

There's ...

Nothing I Can Do


We Did it We Did It We Did it
U Know It U Know it U Know It

I See U There with Me I See U there with Me
I Feel U Move Into Me I Felt The Moment Spark

I Move Into U Move In Me I Sway The Dance Is On
I Wove U Wove Into Me I Know U Know It's On

Shadow Dance The Prince Awakens Hussle Bussle Making Charms
Slowly Light Sparked Company In Search of Hidden Arms

I See U There with Me I See U there with Me
I Feel U Move Into Me I Felt The Moment Spark

I Move Into U Move In Me I Sway The Dance Is On
I Wove U Wove Into Me I Know U Know It's On

I Found U It's to Late If There's Rules to Break We did It
Mirror Loves to Love It's Cosy Sensual Lullaby

I See U There with Me I See U there with Me
I Feel U Move Into Me I Felt The Moment Spark

I Move Into U Move In Me I Sway The Dance Is On
I Wove U Wove Into Me I Know U Know It's On

We Did it We Did It We Did it
U Know It U Know it U Know It



All The Books In the World R Useless
If there is No Starting Point In The Heart
The only High Truth is In the Heart
No Book can Give Highest Truth

The True Scriptures R Written In The Heart Core
Singing Sounds Of Languge Chants Changes Consciousness
This Opens The Heart Shows Ways to Bring Guided Creativity here
All we All Write Sing Draw etc is a trigger for Another A Mystery or wotever

The Gift Of Life Gift of Masters
Guides and all and More ...
The Gift Of Other's Teachings of Our Ways We Show
Direct Experience is Thru Staying Open Honest

Truth Is Never far away In Heart Always Just Here Near
Nothing Is New Nothing Is ouT Of Reach
When Mind Body Is In Unity Realizing The Oneness

This Be ...

Gifts Of Life



Ooh! Brown Rice Raw Ginger Onion Diced
Spicey Plum Sauce Lime Jam Lime Tossed In
Lapping Up the Sunshine the senses R Rested Within
Of Course We can Enjoy The Enjoyment The Body Feels

We R Here ..Just Because We're Here

How Long One Can Be In Blind Spot Depriving Human Needs
We Eat Sleep Smell The Roses Walk By Trees Read Book In Shade
We Love To Do The Things That Bring Good Vibes To us Different For Each
So Why Deprive the Inner Love .. come Share Feel Fine Rise Shine

We R Here ..Just Because We're Here

So Stupid I Can Be .. So Stupid I Can See So Stupid I Feel Now At Ease
Why Torture My Body who Made the Rules Anyway
I Am Love So I Am Always On My Way To More Love

Open ... Open ... Taste ... Feel ... Touch ..... Smell ...
Oh !! Food Tastes Sooo GOOD Just Like U
Oh !! Fire In My Heart Feels So Good Just Like U The Light
Oh !! Inner Family Sees Supports Onwards I Go The Light

We R Here ..Just Because We're Here
We R Here ..Just Because We're Here
We R Here ..Just Because We're Here
We R Here ..Just Because We're Here



I Believe In The Universe Guiding Me
I Believe In U U U U and ...
I Believe all Happens as It Is
I Believe Every Move We Make
I Believe In Even a Spider That Bites
I Believe This Is All Par Part to Gates

More Gates We Enter without Effort
More Traits we Release Without Trial
More Souls we Unleash Unfolding
More of Us Come the Story is Told

In Memory of Our Mother Father
In Memory of All Trails In Another
In Memory We Awaken More and More
In Memory Cozmic Thunder Bolts To Shores

Self Assertiveness Calls Our Being
Self Awareness More Seeing
Self Of Others We R As One
Self Be Open Soul Begun

Soul be Called



AWe CHILD oh Child Where Have U gone NOW!
U Were Doing So WELL In The Wishful Wishing Well

Oh NO Not U! Old Man Why U DO !
I'Ve Been In Imaginary Now Last Night Was Real True!

Deary Deary Me Shaking Head at U CHILD!
Now Go Get My Books and READ Wot is Now ...

NO!!! NO!! Go AWAY! I'm Having SO MOOCHA FWUN!
Now Make ME a Cuppa I Worked Worked and Sung ..

Oh U DO Go On DON'T U a Child U Still Be
The Apron String U Still HOLD Holding Onto Me

So If This Be TRUE Why Not Let Me GO
I'm Old Enough Now To Stay Open To This Flow

What Flow May THAT Be U Seem To Be Free
PROVE Me Ur WORTH For Me to Let Bee

Damn POKER U R I Don't Need U To Watch How
And I don't Need Ur BOOKS I Am Writing One Now

Oh! Loosen UP Girl I've Been With U for EVER
So Never Say Dissappear I AM here and ForEver

Then Pleez let Me Feel Wot I Feel In This Zone
Or get UP Off Off Butt Get Up Off Ur THRONE!

Settle Settle Down Girl I am Laughing WITH u :)
Not AT U No More U Have Grown Up So True

Ey - So u See I Am Freaked A Little Over Peeked
I Gotta LOVE Going On All COLORS FLY No Streaks

Then Go With The FLow or U Will Never Ever Know
Stay On The Move as U DO





aH! Oh ! Ih! U H!

I Let U Go oU Fly Into Moi
I Fight Against This Mind Heart Flow
U Leave Trigger on Net Cable Flight
I witness Read I Am Triggered Out of Sight

The Energy is Instant Like Enormous Surge
I Feel So heightened Intense This Urge
Yet Many Many Lifetimes I've been Sent back here
Only To Want U Like LUST LOVE Divine Light has Dissappeared

U So Need Ur Boy Boy Flow
I So Need U U U So
Let It be I Say U Go
What ! I Am Doing within Scope

GO! No Come Back GO! No Come back
SHOW! Show What is FLOW! yes It Is It Is
AH !! I feel Extreme Extremely Intense In This
I Am trying Not To Want In This Game We call Love Bliss

So Calm I Feel Tho Yes .. Like Letting Go Make More Way
I am FREE from Binding Fears Within Releasing More I Sway
'Tis All So Exposed This Garden the One That grows and Grows
So many Times I Pull Back .. TugaLuv LIght Love This I Know

I Saw U last Night In Dream
Or Was It More Life Stream
We Made Love I Touched Felt Ur Frame
The Ultimate Surpreme I came

Oh Creator If U R Hearing Me
Keep Me strong For Betterment of All
Is This Trail I Write Here On Sharing My Growth
A Way-Shower Ocean Of Love For All

Pleez Always Lead me Right
For I Want To be Of Service In Flight
I cannot Stop ...
This Journey ...
White Dove ...

Let's Go Forward With Our LOVE



Wishing On Wishes
All I Want Is to See U Stay Happy
Stay Within The Core

Wishing Is Easy
I wish To Sing To U
So Today I Do

Doesn't Matter Where U R Matter Wot U Do I Am Inside U
Doesn't Matter For I Am Love The Light It Shines In Me
Singing To The Universe ... I Sing To U

Letting U go Now
Holding U In My Arms
I Know Oh ... U R The One I Am Sure

This Is so Easy
U R In My Heart In Heaven All Worlds
We R Everywhere I Say ... I Do

Doesn't Really Matter We have Never Been Apart U R Me I Am U
Doesn't Really Matter We Are In Heaven The Light It Shows Us See
Singing To The Universe Inside Me I Sing To U

Running Thru Our Precious Fields We R Never Asleep
Running Holding Hands Do Wot U Have To Do We R Free
Resting In Heaven Bathing In Love

With U



Today the Sun Is Bright
Today I am Totally In UNION
Today I have let it Be
Today I am Grateful for ALL
Today I Praise U
Today I End withe The Star Beginning
Today I am Deaply In Love
Today I Thank Him
Today I Thank Her
Today I am Grateful I Can be Grateful
Today I Am In Service
Today I am Free to Feel Love
Today I Am Free
Today I AM Beautiful
Today I AM ME



So Cute The BUBBY Wandering Towards the Noise
So Cute The Bubby WANDERING Towards The Breeze
So Cute The Bubby Open Look Wot's Next
So Cute The Bubby Strolls The Birds Near Nest

So Cute The Innocence I feel It Vibe with Bub
Bubby Turns N Points n Laughs Excited With In This Hub
So Cute We Vibe In Awe Delivering Peaceful Waves
Bubby is In a Happy Space Tranquility of This Day

Oh Bubbies Everywhere ..
Look Bubby Is U Reading Me
I Luv The Bubby Vibe
Vibrations In The Breeze

Bubby Has No Worries
Unless a Prickle Pass By
Grab Hold The Stinging Nettle
Let Go Pass On Go Fly

We Only Lose If Old ...
Ah ! Old May be Matter Weight Plea
So Stay BUBBY Adventurous and BOLD




OooooOH !

Just To Play with U
Per see Chance I turn Blind Eye
Rock out HOT with U

Dancing Dancing Prancing Light
Flit and Flit Drink Me
Drink Thy Cup Lead Others OOz

Lifted OUT from COMING OUT
Come back Again We Talk and Laugh
How We Help Others Untangle From

Transmuted Energies Sky Cloud Bear
Meet Girl Ram Ur Fly Bi Boy
So Sweet To Grow In Love Like This
I Fly a Ship A Hoy

YIPPY I say I YIP Ur Way
Dance the Journey For ALL
For All Our SIDES Need Play All Sides
To Be Of Service ...




Am I Ur Madame Are U My Sir
Seems This way The Garden Path Occurs
So Many Energies Flying Skiddling Along The Top
So Deap Touches Senes In Those That want The Lot Their turn

A Turn be Wotever It is In Any Given Crave Need as U Tweek
So Many Looking for Feeds Don't Know Why They Just Seek
Fun It's Good Growth yet They Know U Skim No Personal Breech
Yet Push Chuck Tantrums Want Now they Subtly or Bluntly Scream

I Watch and I watch and I watch try Not Fall
Into Same wave On Reaction I AM Girl After All
But Awake Girl Whom Sees Feels and Knows How to Charm
Herself Into gay Mode and Write Out Witnessed Quarms

Ou OU OOU OU OU CH CHCHCH Minor Sometimes
Just Picking Up Thru Other Body Senses No real Drain
This Gift To be In Another To See Feel thru Their Eyes Is Old Hat
How Oh How Oh How I May ask How To Show Where Others r At

U Get Into These Spots As I Have Done In Past
Now Wot's The Huge Universal Langauge That Shows All At Last
Dancing Dither dather T the Dilly Dally of Daily Friendships
Oh We R Doing Soo Fine Dandy Giving In Each Moment asked

Wot Can I Say Wot Can I Do
It's Our Learning Too To More Of Nature's Stew
Wot Can I Share A Kiss Long Mush 4 U
For I Am Enjoying My ...


With U ...


FREEDOM .........
All Lives R just Passing Birth- Rebirth of Butterfly
The Cycles r So Many and The Colors Build
With Each New Birth
Watching This is Miraculous

Watching Spirit Watch Cycles Passing
Birthing Here Then Birthing There Is Grand
Thru Human Eyes Is Like Death Leaving Earth
Yeah !! Watching This is Miraculous

What Greatness In This Cozmic Awakening !!



Oh Yes I Do remember Me
So Startling The way I Did
But Now I am Grateful ...
I was Shown Thru Startling Way

I Had No Choice But To Recognise Me
Floating Watching Allowing Moving ...
Just Thy Body Was So Extremely Startled to Watch
It Shook Me To Here ...

I Remember U Remember I Remember
All That I Saw .. Now I Am Here
So Easy To See From There Which Is Here'
If I Stay Open ... Yes Stay Open

To ..

Consciousness ............
I Remember ...
There Is So Much More To Come
Coz ...

I Remember



Oh Pike ... U Like So Sing ... So Grumpy I can Be ..
For Only a Moment Passed and It's Channelled ya
Oh .. Dancing With All Dancing Fine
Oh Dancing with Me Divine

Singing Showing Laughing As U watch Unfoldments
Slight Jerk Backwards ,,, HUge Leap Forwards
U Love and Watch Stay Chilled When Hot
So Gently U Show The Gentleness My Lot

Smoothe Twalker U R Smoothe Twalker I See
Oh Smoothe Twalker I See U Here Now Not In Dream
May U Help me to Stay open Thru Ur Channelling Thru Me
It's All as it Is To Be .. It's Only Hard When One Freaks

Oh Song Of Pike I Hear U Call
Ur Channeller Touched Me with Flowers
I'm In Heaven Oh Me He Showers

I Leave ... I Love Message Song Of Pike

"... ... ... ... ... ... ... "

Come In My ViZion



U R Such A Sweet Heart
Ur Love For Flowers Shows
So Much Shared In A Flower
Our Language This I Know

Mother Earth So Loves U
So Much for All You Do
U Nurture Capture Moments
That open Up To More Truth

So Sweet I Burst Into Laughter
Butterflies Heart Talking To Me
How Can I EvEr Not Love U
U Share The Love We Breathe

So Sweet



So Much Sadness Going On
So Many Strive To Be The Best They Can be In Sad Situations
Every Country Has It's PitFalls .. Some Worse than Others

Praise The Women Whom Weave Beautiful Fabrics for Life
Praise Men Who Support This Act Of Kindness In Women
Praise Thos Dear Souls Who Witness and Show Others This Praise
Praise All Who Do Good To Help Life For Another Without Gain

WE Have so Much Going On In Our Lives
Never Tho Do We Ignore The messages Right Before Our Eyes
So Easily I Can cry In Sadness and Joy At Witnessing This

How Do We Help ... Make Our Very own Difference
It's easy ...

By Taking Notice ...
Finding Wot Works For Each Of us
When We Do Our Job Do It Well
Do It Better Than Better




Old Man I Thought I was Rid Of U
U Seem to Seduce Come Share Ur Mood
So Wot Brings U Here This Part of My Life
I Do Not Recall Calling In Dreamtime With Strife

Oh Darling dearest Darling I'm Soo Happy For U
Do U Not Realise I Been Speaking To U
Just Look Into Energies So Bright One That Lands
Oh Darling Dearest Darling Ur Closest Hold My Hand

Say Wot Dally Dither Boy I've Been Travelling Alone
I Sussing U Now U Suss Always Without Saying
Closest In heart harmony Hands Held Close
Wot Goes Now For Dearest Old Man Hand To Trust

IS IT TRUST ...... IS IT .. Oh .. I Forgot a Split Sec
U Know EVERYTHING U Must ...

Sweet Sweet Child Woman Birth Right
I Love U So Much U Work and U Work
U Can Trust ...

But U DO Go ON and U Do Poke At Me
I see all Ur Books and I read them U See

Yes .. Flench Chips R Sweet we Share So Many Dreams
I Do Go Onwards It's Here So It seems

Well U Stroke Calm Words caring Not Often So Vast
I Really Don't Care Coz No One gets Into to Me
So hello to Ur Books and My heart I Do Keep

Say ... Darling U Like Coffee I'll Squeeze Beans For U
MY Hands R So Strong I'll Do AnyThing For U

Oh ! U Have wot U want so I Breathe In Breathe Out
Wot More Is There To Life When U Like Little Pike

So Child Like U R So Sweet U still be
So Grumpy U've Thought Me Yet Look Wot Do U See

I AM NOT GRUMPY !! I AM Not Available
OH!! Grumpy Old Man ... I see Fine - Rightly Fine

U Dither at The Dally Of Daily Creeds ... Deeds ..
Di da Di da Pleas .. So I Stay In Myself My Mind Where I Pleaze

Sweet sweet Heart Mind U Belong to Me
I 've Been with U For Ions I Love U U see
Pleaze Don't Turn Away Now U See Me Here
One Day I Appreciate This Divine Atmosphere

So Don't Cut me Off So Sweet and so Strong
U've Gone Strong This Far So have I In This Song

Oh ... HUG ME ... HOLD ME .. Oh That's Right U Can't
Well Hold Me Inside Like U Do Find My Heart

Love Me Old Man .. But I Can Go Without
I have and Will ..If In The End .. We Do Sprout

I Knew U would turn Up Again
But I Didn't Know that U were *U*

Oh Darling :) I Have been watching U MY Sweet !
Yes It's True ...

Daily Dithers Go On at The Dather of Daily Needs and Chores
Will I Be Of Worth One day Old Man Of Ions So many ...

Or Did U Stop By To Pat Me on The Head
Tell Me Wot a Good Girl I AM



My Body Has been Crying for My Attention
Like Teurettes it's been going over Same Crazy Zones
I Have Ignored For I got So Many Times Only to Die Again
IT Calls Me Now ... I Cannot Feed it Poison Anymore

My Body Dragged me Down Like Pleeze Don't Mention
Extreme Thoughts Shoving The Already Free Radicals Bomb Tones
I Have Ignored For I got So Many Times Only to Die Again
IT Calls Me Now ... I Cannot Trigger Poison Anymore

My Body Still Holds a Candle To Me
Wot On Earth Kept It Going
Wot Kept Growing
Wot Kept


Listen To Body
Listen To It's Purpose
To Fully Give Love ...
One Must Fully Love Thyne Bod




I Lay Quiet The Sun Penetrates
I Love U Sun I Lay Standing Perky Pores
I Am Blissfully Awed Oh Sun of Truth
I Hold My Cheeks Like Baby Squeek Calls

Moving Set Sun Colors Deap Yellow Orange Red
So Peeked Like Flower Petals Been Drawn
Slight Slow Sway Whilst Held to Mother Earth
Running Straight Up Thru Straight Thru Down

In and Out of Consciousness
Here Looking There There Looking Here
I Am So Tiny In Bubble Here There Jumbo Star
So Family I See ... I AM Another U U R Another Me

Oh .. THis Permeation Standing Up My Hairs
Cozmic Sun Ray Antennas Tickly Drawing On Me
Where Is My Attention It Slighty Pulls In Heart
Attention Focus Consciousness Changes Colors Vibal Parts

This Hi Pitch So Loud Changes Waves Too
When I Let It be Like Now I fall In Love With U

Oh Sun ..U Live and Have Been Living In Me
I Touch Delicately In Harmony with Harmonies
Me Myself I Our Mirrored With Passion Grace
I Receive All This Right Now
In This Moment of 2Day ...




Pan Ya Pan OO Pan Is Cool
Pan Is Good way Like Dali Fool
Pan Is Growing So Wise I See
Pan Pleez One Day Play with Me

Left For Tricks Of Goodies To Learn
Right For Both Of Left Right Earned
Heart Is Where I Be U See
Sway Left Right It's Wot U Believe

It's Nice U Draw Up Create Ways to Do
Whilst Zing Surges thru Pan Energy INU
I See From Feeling As I Mirror INA
INA Way Thru ANI Waves Drawing U

Is Pan Coming Soon I Hear His Horn
Quivered Learnings Pan Energy I'm Raw
Oh Pan Energy I Am Feeling It Strong
Now I'm Awakened ANI Play INU a Song


Peering Down My Favourite Drain
The Old Stick Lady Snatches ...
Blood Stained Berries Favourite Leaves
She Loved Being Fed No Scratches

Oh I Loved That Secret Place I Knew
Flying Around My Room at Night
Pink Elephants Smile at Me ...
Al My Imaginary Friends I see ...

Hugz and LAUGHS We Swam In Love
Playing Sliding The Breeze ...
All I Can see Right Inside Of Me
Is Us All of Us Free Live Imaginary

The Window The Doorway at School Is Visible
It was My Doorway Out of School Home Brain Strains
FLY I did FLY and all Around The Classroom In Bed at Night
With U and U .. and U .. and U Saw/See Me ..We Were Free

Creating Creating Creating oh The Buzz
I Was Day Dreamer ... So SLOW To Others
So BUZY to ME ...


My Imaginary Friends .. Are REAL Like U

Are HERE .. I Remember ..
Like .. Oh LOOKY HERE!!!




Oh The Energy Shifting Twii Twin Working
Those Addictions Dance hard Inside They Flush Poison
Legs Don't Feel The Same Arms Don't Feel The same
Nothing Is The same .. What Was this same Same same same

Tiredness Mixed with WIDE AWAKE
Continual movement This Is Great
A Weeney Tug Heart Strings Of Course
This Is The Best Love Leads This Fate

Dreams oh DREAMS Last Night So REAL
Walking along This Road Mapped To Me
Everyone Staring Like Something Wrong
I Stopped and saw Me In This Dream So Strong

So SCARED Reality Hit Like Lightning
It was Time to Die .. I Screamed It was Frightening
In a Micro Split Second Moment I Straightened Up
Prepared For my Death It was POP OUT Or Be Shut

All Of A Sudden I Knew Birth TOO
Right In This Space U Were There Too
We Were Spirit We Were Soul
You Came to Show and Hold

It was the Freakiest Reality Hit
Popped Onto me Thru Dream
But Was It A Dream I Could be Wrong
Soul Travelling So It Seems ...

They Say When Ur Ready
Things Happen Oh So Fast
THEY R RIGHT in Thinking
I see it on My Path ...

On wake to share this I need no Cigarettes
No Urge It's amaizing My Twii Helped me There
Who Would have believed In Miracles So Fast
Oh I Do .. and Magic .... I remember at Last

U Were There .. Twii Twii
U Lifted me ...
I Had No Choice but To Rise
On My Death Call Ur Surprise

We Were Energy .. Dealing with the Her In me
Oh She was so scared to Let Go ...
Go Thru The Tranlsation feel the Pulling Sensation
Sensation of Body Dying ...

Yet When Risen !!!

U Were There I saw UNI ..
I Saw ANI I See ..

I Remember



What happens When One has been Playing
With Their Soul Twii Twin via Net Long Distance
Never Met In the Flesh ... .. yet Remberence In Spirit / Soul
Only Dreams Before to Recognising Each Other And Writtens Words
Something is Coming ...

AND >>>>

Playing Includes Net Poetic Dance
So really In Action Growing Learning sharing Outcomes
With Each New AH HAH Moment

Defining Each Other's Dfferent Aspects Characters
Dancing Open Pushing the limits to Bring each Other Out
This Is All So Good .. Just so Good ...

Bending Wondering Searching Pockets One Wants to If The other is Real
And It Doesn't matter Anyway ... For
Not All Twin Twin Souls meet In Physical In Any Case
So the Chase The Curiousness the FUN

The Natural tTust Chucks Split Second to waver ...
Not Wanting to Hurt Or Do Wrong By The Other ...

Only the Slightest Tiny Jolt Can Tip One which Tips the Other
How easy Is It to become Totally Domino Joker In a Split Moment
Or .... The Other Totally Having Ears to the ground Picking Up Signals
Thinking The Other Is Maybe Playing Pop up Cheap Shots

Anything Can Happen ...

Especially When Twii Twins Are Close without Trying
Just Something That Happens between the Two Energies Of Soul
Just SomethingThat is Clear is so Delicate Like Touching a Butterfly
Whilst Accidently Touching too Hard and The Butterfly Loses Color and Flight

oh ..

So Sensitive Twii Twins Are To Wanting To Understand
Know all about each Other .. Comfort Uplift Embrace each Other
Let each Other Live Out Their own Lives and support each Other's Journeys

Yes ... Twii Twins Need to Grow In Order To Keep Spreading The Flow
It's for all They come Across in their Journeys ...
The Children --------- The Child Inside

Such Gentle Caring Does Twii Twins Need to keep In Check Inside
If FUN LAUGHTER HAPPINESS They Share Is to be Shared In Service
To All they Come By ...
One Must learn to Look with Innocent Eyes
If Twii Twins Are To be of best To each other

So Delicate And Special is The Victory Balance Of ...

Twii Twin Friendship



How is it that I am Beeing Drawn ..............
How is it that I am Beeing Slowly Stripped
How Is it That I am Beeing Nurtured
How is it ...

How is it that I am Lost in no Time
How is it that I am Working Wakingly Blind
How is it that I am Witnessing wot I have already Seen
How is it that I am Heart Feeling Seeing

How is it that I am Melt Like Slow
How is it that I am Falling Whilst Grow
How is it that Another Twii Shows
The Glow The Smiles Within to Twii Me

As Twii Twii Watches Twii Twii
With Twii Smiles ...
Watching Another's Twii Twii Unfoldments
Her /Him ... Him /Her

Twii Twii Shares the Gift of Twii Twii

Twii Twii Watching Twii Twii



This Planet Has Our Gateway Home
If We Ignore The Signs Inside
We Ignore Ourselves ...
Yes The DIFFERENT Selves Wihin

Human Experiences lead us To MORE Of Who We R
How Can We Know Totally Who We Are If WE Ignore Our Aspects
The Many Different Apects Are meant To be Played Out
'Til Eventually We Have Come to Know Thy Self And Even Then ??

Oh .. Over many Lives We Play The same Characters
Just A new different Way each Time We come back
Some Good Some Not So Good ..

The very Essence lays In Exeperiencing With LOVE
Oh .. man Oh man ...How Many Characters Do U have Hidden
How many Characters are U Afraid U Have within
If Some Are Not So Good Still let Them come to The Surface
And Channel The Not So Good Into Creativity ...It's No Sin

The GOOD FUN Characters ???
Channel Them TOO Creativly :D
For You Become More and More Aware

Becoming Eventually Totally Aware
That There is so Much MORE To Come Share

It's called Living In LOVE Above Beyond
Swooping Down To Exeperience Swooping back UP

To Share back ... Dowload Down :)))

Are U Afraid to SeeUrself Or Bee seen ???

Entering The Totality Of Ur Beeing



Yin Yin Yang Is Calling Me
U Yang Yang Yin To Moi U see
Oh It just gets better the More We Share
Once broken La MOOTS Wot else is There

OOHHH Me Tinks Alot To Come
My bwudda LoveBug Ur Sista LuvBug
Hey Baby Eyes .. U See Thru me
Now I see Thru U Now Our Inner Eyes Do Meet

So Share We Will All Our Secrets To Come
I'll Share How It Goes As The Music Does Hum
Oh U Do Go ON But Look Where U've Landed Moi
Feeling High Emotion for U and It's Clear ..


Nice To have The YanG In My LIFE
For U the Yang Of My LIFE :)
Watch Me Spread Come aLIVE

AH !! My Twii Twii
We Blend So Easily





Processing Is So Impotant
It Leads Us To Our Heart Core
Bring on the Processes Of Life Experiences
Oh This Be Joy In Becoming More In The Light

Processing Processing Sharing Showing Characters
All Aspects We Play Learn Discover
What A Fantastic Wonder ...

Processing Processing Working Loving Thru
Breaking The Chains Becoming True
Moments on Moments On Moment Do Pass
Pass Going Riding Forward Pealing The Masks

Making Or Breaking Breaking To Make
When We Go with the Flow We Break Only To Make
It's In The Making ....

Stay In Heart Believe In Ourselves
This be A Grand Key New Aspects Of Wealth
Wealth One Might Say Yes Inner Wealth Of Gold
Embrace Each And Every ALL Of Us As Our Stories R Told

As We Help Watch Each Other Unfold





We All Do Wot We Do
Thru Dark Phase of Night

WE Do Wot We Do
We All Want Need Love

Light Love Light Love
Spread Ur Wings Flit Gentle Flight
Love Light Love Light
Share Ur Truths Truths So Bright

We Are All Connected All Help Us Thru
May The Light Of Each Moment
Spread Love From Each To Each
U To Me Me To U


For There Is In The End One Choice

The Beginning ...



Heaven IS So Sweet
When RIGHT NOW In Every Moment of Now
We Are LOVE Allowing All that is There HERE In The Now
To Come OUT for All to Share Feel See Ponder Live LOVE

All Is Just As It IS To Be In LOVE :)

Heaven IS So Sweet When We ARE Flwoing All The Truthurts
All The Enenrgies Formed to Be Visible In 3D Form In The Now


For Here Now IS Heaven for Heaven Knows
Heaven Is Freedom To Put Forth Our Soul Display
The Right To Havic To Right To Wotever With Intentions of No Hurt Portrays

All IS As It Is .........
So Beautiful It IS IN HEAVEN

Heaven Is So Sweet


Oh ! :)

When We Taste To Feel
And Pick up Things To Feel
This is All Good For Curious Child

When We See Wot We taste
See Wot We Pick Up Hold
This is AllGood For Curious Child

When We Do This We Grow and Learn
So Much Good In this Wonderous World
The Wondermeant of Wondering
With Child Like Wondering Innocence

This be Our Journey Of Life

To Wonder To Experience
Flourish With Open Eyes Like Child
Live Love be Free In the Wonderment

OV ... LIFE Here On Earth

Here Now ....
KNOWING We Are Dearly Loved